bags with a cross

Accessories do not always have to look bright and flashy – sometimes quality speaks better than any decor. Especially if it is the quality of Swiss brands. The company of bags with a cross – Wenger – originally specialized only in the production of army knives, and today it has a good reputation as a manufacturer of other goods, in particular, bags.

Types of bags and backpacks Wenger

  1. Notebook bags. Sturdy and incredibly comfortable, laptop bags, like most other Wenger products, look completely neutral and are suitable for both men and women. They are made from wear-resistant high-strength polyester using modern Dura-Lite technology. The bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all feature a sturdy double carrying handle and a long, detachable shoulder strap. The exception is several models of women’s bags with a cross – they are more reminiscent of a tote-bag, that is, their main handles are elongated, which allows them to be carried both in hands and on the shoulder. The laptop bags have a large compartment with a pocket for papers, a small pocket for small items and an ergonomic organizer with a removable key holder, compartments for pens, a mobile phone and so on.
  2. Travel bags with Wenger cross. The models presented in this category will please everyone who travels a lot with their different sizes and shapes. Compact and convenient travel bags are small in size (approximately 20-25 cm in height and width + thickness
  3. Belt bags. For those who love lightness and maneuverability, the Wenger belt models are ideal. They are attached to a strong belt, have a main compartment with two pockets and a special seal in the front and back walls for additional protection. The bags are equipped with a few more small pockets and a hole for headphone wires. In urban everyday models, designers have provided such a nice little thing as a mesh pocket for a water bottle on the side. They have an additional handle for carrying in your hand.
  4. Travel bags. Another highly functional and reliable product is travel cases or suitcases with a large number of different pockets for toilet items. These red cross bags are just as good as their counterparts, with thoughtfully designed zippered compartments, external pockets, expandable bubble straps, a hanging hook, all in a compact form factor. In the travel bag, everything is specially created so that it is convenient for you to get the necessary thing on the road, but at the same time, all of them are protected from possible mechanical damage.
  5. Sport bags. This type of product is suitable for trips out of town or on vacation, as well as for going to the gym. Their features are the presence of a special pocket for shoes from the end of the bag, and in general – in the general form of products (brighter than the rest, there are different colors). Sports models in size are:
  • 50-60 cm long;
  • 25-35 cm in height;
  • 24-27 cm wide.

All bags are made from extremely durable 600D and 1200D polyester. Their handles are equipped with special foam pads for softening. By purchasing these products, be sure that these are not just fashionable bags with a cross, but also your faithful companions in all matters for the next 5 years.

Other bag options with a cross

There is another world-famous brand of bags with a cross – this is Tory Burch. The cross logo on their bags is a distinctive feature that will allow you not only to distinguish your handbag from many others, but also to understand what collection it is from, and whether the accessory is an original or a fake.

The entire logo schematically resembles the letter “T” reflected upwards, with sides of the same size and serifs on the horizontal bars. The cross can be large (for the entire side of the bag), medium (metal or extruded) and very small, no more than 2 centimeters in diameter.

Some brands, depending on the trends in a given season, may also decorate their fashion bags with a cross. It can be a decorative pendant, a huge embossing like Vlieger & Vandam, a large print or a patch. As a rule, backpacks and bags with a cross are preferred by representatives of different minorities – rockers, goths, punks, and so on. However, given the fact that their styles are no-no, and they will flash on the world catwalks, you can safely add one such bag to your wardrobe.