Cromia bags - a selection of photos of the most fashionable models and stylish images with Cromia bags

Girls, striving to meet the latest fashion trends, pay great attention not only to clothes, but also to accessories of famous brands. Among them, Cromia bags stand out, which can become a stylish addition to the image and create an unsurpassed bow.

Cromia – brand history

Among fashionistas around the world, the Italian brand Cromia, whose history dates back to 1963, is very famous. Its founder was the Italian Germano, the company began its activities with a small handicraft production. However, even during this period, accessories were made exclusively from natural materials and were famous for their highest quality. Subsequently, the brand began to cooperate with world famous fashion brands.

cromia brand storycromia brand history

Cromia bags – new 2018

The latest Cromia collection presents a variety of models of accessories, among which are the following:

  • there is both classic black, white, beige, brown colors, as well as rich bright colors such as orange, yellow, pink, red;
  • a combination of several shades that create a unique composition is welcome;
  • floral motifs have become in demand, which is expressed in the presence of such details as buds, petals;
  • there are strict leather bags Cromia, similar to a briefcase, which will be ideally combined with a business suit and are suitable for creating an office bow;
  • handles of products can be short to carry them in the hands or made in the form of an elongated belt designed to be thrown over the shoulder;
  • styles such as backpacks are relevant, which have a sporty cut, but an incredibly feminine design, which is expressed in the presence of rounded shapes, bright or delicate pastel colors;
  • the real hit of the season are crossbody bags – Cromia bags, which are worn diagonally over the shoulder;
  • as for the shape, it can be classic rectangular or square, and such an innovation as a rounded shape is also used.

cromia bags new 2018

Cromia bags – new 2018

cromiacromia leather bags

Cromia women’s bag

Many girls tend to buy Cromia women’s handbags because of their incredibly attractive design and their unique style. This is expressed in the following distinctive features:

  • variety and an extremely rich choice of colors, every fashionista will be able to choose a product to her taste, classic discreet colors, delicate pastels or the most vivid and memorable;
  • the highlight of the accessories is carefully selected and originally designed fittings;
  • all Cromia bags are made of the highest quality genuine leather, which is incredibly soft and can become an ornament in itself, even if the item is made as strictly and concisely as possible;
  • models can be both elegant, which are characterized by laconic forms, and corresponding to the casual style, for example, backpacks. There are also handbags with which you can create a gentle romantic image, this is due to the presence of feminine decor elements in them containing floral motifs, patterns, embroidery.

cromia women's bagcromia women's handbags

Cromia shoulder bag

The Cromia women’s shoulder bag is extremely convenient and comfortable. It is characterized by such distinctive features:

  • an obligatory detail is a long comfortable strap that can be worn on the shoulder or thrown obliquely over the shoulder, one hundred allows you to wear it in the manner of a crossbody;
  • short handles may also be present, so that the product can be carried in hands;
  • the shape of the accessory can be absolutely any: rectangular, square or round.

cromia shoulder bagcromia shoulder bag

Cromia round bag

Kromia bags with a rounded shape look very feminine and organic. They will give the image softness and romance, thanks to their characteristics, which include the following:

  • the product often has a small shape, it is characterized by small and medium sizes;
  • Cromia bags can be rounded only at the bottom or be completely round;
  • the handbag is often decorated with some spectacular elements, a clasp can act as a highlight, original floral ornaments can be present;
  • a combination of several shades is common, giving additional brightness.

Cromia round bag

Crossbody Cromia

Girls with an active lifestyle will appreciate Cromia crossbody bags. Their distinguishing features are as follows:

  • they contain a long strap, which makes it possible to throw them diagonally over the shoulder, this is very convenient, because you can not think that the thing will fall;
  • this design suggests a small size of the product, so that it is more comfortable to wear. In this case, the correct square or round shape prevails;
  • as for the color scheme, classic shades are common, for example, white, pastel, brown, black Cromia bag, but bright saturated colors are also allowed;
  • the shape can be either square or round or oval.

cromia crossbody

Cromia clutch

For an evening out, the Cromia women’s classic bag, which has the shape of a clutch, is ideal. It will effectively complement any outfit and will not cause discomfort when worn, thanks to its compact small size. Products can be matte or painted under the skin of reptiles, contain a strap that is thrown over the shoulder, or be without it.

cromia clutchcromia women's classic bag

Cromia suitcases

The popular brand Cromia is famous for the production of not only classic models, but also accessories that resemble a briefcase or a suitcase in shape. Products can have different sizes, therefore, depending on this, they serve as a large volume handbag or directly as a suitcase. They have the following characteristics:

  • comfortable roomy design;
  • rectangular shape;
  • Handles for maximum portability.

cromia suitcases

Backpack Cromia

Young girls will be able to pick up such a practical option as Cromia women’s backpacks. They have the following characteristics:

  • separate internal compartments, the number of which varies from two to three;
  • a variety of shades that can be discreet classic or bright saturated. Cromia rucksacks are available in solid colors or in a combination of different colors;
  • there are external and internal pockets that will help you comfortably place small things, documents, a mobile phone.

cromia backpackcromia backpacks for women

Wallet Cromia

The brand also manufactures other accessories, such as Cromia wallets. They will become a stylish addition to the handbag and emphasize the sophistication of their owner. Among the characteristic features of the products are the following:

  • only genuine leather is used for production;
  • wallets have an extremely convenient structure, they have functional compartments in which you can comfortably place business and bank cards, banknotes and coins;
  • there is also a special secret pocket.

cromia walletcromia wallets