Chanel bags - classic models and novelties from a global brand

Chanel bags are produced by one of the world’s leading brands, which creates unique beautiful and at the same time comfortable accessories. They have an original design that will give a unique style to any woman, and are characterized by the highest quality.

How to distinguish a Chanel bag from a fake?

Products belonging to the legendary brand have been trying to fake many pirate companies for many years. If a girl opted for such an accessory as a classic Chanel bag, you should definitely take into account some of the nuances during her choice, which are as follows:

  1. You need to pay attention to the price, such a brand cannot be cheap. Some models in the collections are valued at several thousand dollars. Fashion house Chanel does not hold promotions and sales.
  2. Another point is the presence of a certificate of authenticity, the seller is obliged to issue a unique identification card for a real original item. It will contain a serial number, which must match the number indicated in the inner pocket of the product.
  3. Equally important is the quality of the accessory, you should pay attention to the seams, they must be very neat and tight.
  4. The presence of a company logo, which is located inside the product and squeezed out on the skin.
  5. Chanel bags are made in Italy or in France, as evidenced by a special gold or silver plate.
  6. The stylistic design of the fittings must match the logo or chain.
  7. The highlight of many products of this brand is the quilted surface, which is made in the form of squares or rhombuses. However, they must have equal sides.

how to tell a fake chanel bag

Original Chanel bags

classic chanel bag

Stylish Chanel bags

women's bag chanel

Chanel bags 2017

The famous brand this season presented to the attention of the fair sex a new collection of Chanel bags. Accessories combine stylish elegance and timeless classics. You can designate such variations of models 2017:

  • classic options filled with simplicity and sophistication that will never go out of style;
  • original clutches are extremely popular this year. A small Chanel bag can be made in a characteristic classic style or be an extraordinary design solution. An example is a product made in the form of a perfume bottle or made like a Lego constructor;
  • As for fashionable colors, this year will delight not only with universal and monochrome shades, such as a black Chanel bag, but also with pastel colors. They dominate the new collection, most of the models are made in restrained colors. But there are those models that will delight lovers of bright and saturated colors. The brand offers fruit and flower tones to their attention: magnolia, orange, lime;
  • in the latest collection of the brand, you can find comfortable bags in the form of suitcases on wheels or stylish cases designed more for hand luggage;
  • lovers of small handbags will find a suitable option in the form of an envelope bag, which can be supplemented with a loop on the wrist or a small metal chain;
  • voluminous and puffy products will become relevant for women who value practicality and comfort;
  • The Chanel Boy model does not go out of fashion either, characterized by a “rigid” and rectangular shape, a chain that acts as a strap and diagonal stitching.

chanel bags 2017

Chanel bags 2017

new collection of chanel bags

Chanel Women’s Bags

Unique style, functionality and practicality make the products of this brand a symbol of true femininity. While still being a stylish compact accessory, Chanel bags have ample internal space that allows you to store a lot of women’s accessories. Designers thought out every detail, which is expressed in the harmonious combination of all elements:

  • the perfect combination of all kinds of leather textures and other materials. For manufacturing, calf and lamb skin, exotic animals, lacquered, grained, denim, canvas, fur, plastic, wool, jacquard are used;
  • a variety of colors, there are traditional black and brown colors, muted pastels and bright floral and floral. For example, a pink Chanel bag looks incredibly impressive;
  • various sizes of products: from miniature clutches to voluminous and roomy.

women's chanel bags

Chanel Women’s Bags

chanel bag

Stylish women’s bags Chanel

coco chanel bags

Chanel bag on a chain

The model on a chain is invariably associated with a symbol of good taste. Restrained, laconic products, imbued with a real charm of sophistication and originality, attract the views of fashionistas of all ages. The original Chanel bag on a chain, as before, is the highlight of each new collection. The main differences between all presented models are:

  • a clasp made in the form of a company logo, which can be either silver or golden;
  • you can find Chanel bags, the emblem of which is decorated with a small number of magnificent stones;
  • most of the products are made of natural leather or cozy tweed, and in some cases real wool is used.

chanel bag on a chain

Chanel bag on a chain

chanel bag original

Chanel Boy bag

The credit for creating such a legendary accessory as the Chanel Boy bag belongs to Karl Lagerfeld. She is a stunning model that combines French elegance and British charm, perfectly intertwined with German pragmatism. Its undoubted advantages include:

  • versatility — an original accessory can complement any stylish look, be it sport chic, a casual look or a classic ensemble;
  • conciseness and accuracy of all details — rectangular Chanel brand bags are harmoniously complemented by a chain that wraps around them around the perimeter and acts as a strap.

chanel boy bag

Gabrielle Chanel bag

The original model, which has become a symbol of this year, is the Gabrielle Chanel bag. Maestro Karl Lagerfeld himself had a hand in its creation. It has the following distinctive features:

  • soft leather, ideally combined with a dense plastic frame that perfectly holds its shape;
  • used original handles, made in the form of two chains, between which a leather ribbon is threaded;
  • the convenience of this thing lies in the fact that, thanks to the stylish handle, it can be worn not only on the shoulder, but also over the shoulder.

gabrielle chanel bag

Large Chanel bag

A stylish modern accessory is a large Chanel bag. It perfectly combines simplicity and elegance that never goes out of style. The model is ideal for everyday wear, as it has a large capacity, it will fit all women’s accessories and other necessary things. Stylish original design makes the product a great addition to the image. Volumetric bags of the Chanel brand can be both classic black and rich colors.

big chanel bag

Chanel beach bag

Eminent designers of the fashion house adhere to the rule that every woman in any situation should feel elegant and stylish. Thanks to this principle, in the collections you can find not only classic options for accessories, but also Chanel beach bags that are relevant for the hot summer. Their benefits include the following:

  • refined and at the same time voluminous products will allow its owner to contain everything you need for the beach;
  • models do not look bulky, which makes it possible for short girls to wear such a thing.

chanel beach bag

Chanel waist bag

In the new collections, you can find all sorts of variations of a stylish accessory, among which Coco Chanel bags that can be worn on a belt are especially popular. Such a thing will please its owner not only with a stylish appearance, but also with practicality. In the assortment of the brand you can find a variety of options, including:

  • the so-called «banana», which can be worn not only by women, but also by men;
  • leather clutches and models reminiscent of a classic wallet.

chanel waist bag

Chanel travel bag

The non-standard attitude of the creator of the brand to the world of fashion has repeatedly pushed her to original solutions. One of these amazing ideas was the stylish Chanel travel bag. This season, a new collection of the fashion house was presented, in which designers demonstrated:

  • suitcases made of leather;
  • creative cases designed for hand luggage;
  • whole sets were presented on the podium, which included a suitcase, a case and a classic handbag over the shoulder.

chanel travel bag

Puffy Chanel bag

In the assortment of the trading house you can find not only classic miniature models, but also volumetric options. The inflated Chanel women’s bag is characterized by an unusual shape. Its main feature is its functionality. You can use such a thing from two sides, you just need to turn it inside out. Among blown products, you can find a suitable option not only in size, but also in colors, which are represented by a diverse color palette.

puffy chanel bag