cashmere and wool stoles

Accessories have always, at any time of the year, been in great demand among fashionistas. And with the onset of the off-season, they are not just a stylish addition to the image, but also a necessary thing that protects from cold and wind. In this case, we are talking about cashmere and wool stoles.

Universal Accessory

If in ancient times the stole was worn only with evening dresses, then modern women have adapted to combine it with many styles, be it business, casual or romantic. This versatile accessory will be a great addition to any look, you just need to think about how to use it in a particular ensemble.

If someone thinks that a stole made of natural wool looks boring and resembles a grandmother’s warm scarf, he is deeply mistaken. Today, thanks to modern technology, this accessory can be very thin and very refined. A rich color palette, the use of various prints and decorative elements make this thing desirable for many fashionistas. For example, it can be a woven stole made of fine cashmere wool, decorated with embossed patterns. Or it can be a model with a large print, whether it be a strip, a cage or an ornament. Such an accessory will be especially relevant in a cool room, where it is inappropriate to wear outerwear.

In the cold season, it is preferable to choose products from warm wool. It can be knitted or felted pattern. For example, a camel stole with pockets that can be worn as a shawl or wrapped around the neck instead of a scarf would be a great option. And in order for the accessory to be pleasant to the body, manufacturers dilute the composition of the canvas with a low content of viscose or acrylic. Such an outfit will provide the desired warmth and create a special impression for others.

Depending on the weather conditions, you can cover your head with a stole or use it only as a scarf. And to make the image seem stylish and spectacular, the accessory can be tied in an unusual way.