flat visor caps

Accessories and jewelry are a feminine weakness. Not a single, even everyday look can do without them. The good news is that nowadays it is not a problem to choose a harmonious addition to almost any ensemble. So for a long time an honorable niche in the wardrobes of representatives of hip-hop and rap culture has been occupied by fashionable branded caps with a straight visor. What kind of headdress is this, who suits it and what to combine it with, let’s dwell on these issues in more detail.

Cap with a straight visor for girls — a bit of history

The progenitors of the modern and versatile cap with a straight peak were the hats of baseball players. Around the 50s, this accessory was part of the sports equipment of all baseball players, respectively, and their fans. At the same time, the cap was liked not only by men, but also by women who did not hesitate to modify this originally male headdress for their “insidious” purposes.

Modern cool caps with a straight visor

This is not the first season in a row that baseball caps have not left the catwalks. Eminent couturiers and well-known brands that specialize in the production of sports equipment and clothing complement their collections with stylish accessories. At the same time, modern products are worn not only by adherents of rap culture and athletes, but also by ordinary girls who are not supporters of these stylistic trends. Celebrities also appreciated the benefits of the cap: Pink, Riana, Miley Cyrus and other divas of show business do not hide their love for this accessory.

Among the huge assortment of hats, you can choose a stylish cap with a straight visor with rhinestones, embroidery, spikes, sequins, beads and draperies, which will be quite appropriate in any everyday situation. Cool rapper caps with a straight visor are most often decorated with an original print, various logos of hip-hop culture or images of rap artists.

Caps also differ in styles: it can be a three-blade with a small straight visor, a five-blade and an eight-blade.

Peaked caps from brands such as Nike and Adidas, as well as New York style accessories, are in high demand among buyers.

One of the most popular and trendy hip hop hats are the Nike straight visor caps. Products are of the highest quality and original design. Almost all models provide the ability to adjust the size, which is their undeniable advantage. In this case, the regulator can be both plastic and leather.

The products of the Adidas company, which is also famous for its excellent quality and wide range, do not go unnoticed.

What to wear flat brim caps with?

Of course, initially it was customary to wear a cap paired with a tracksuit and sneakers. However, you should not limit yourself to such an ensemble. Thanks to the abundance of models and colors, today a cap can be combined with shorts and a T-shirt, with a denim dress. The image of a coquette girl will be decorated with a stylish baseball cap in tandem with a short denim skirt.

A cap looks good with leggings and sweatshirts, T-shirts and wide trousers.

Separately, it must be said about special club caps that can be worn with evening attire.

When it comes to shoes, low-tops should be a priority. Of course, you should not limit yourself to just sneakers; with the appropriate top, you can wear ballet flats, sandals or sneakers.