Caps of Tavitt

Close attention is paid to headwear in the autumn-winter season, because a beautiful hat emphasizes the style of the image, expresses the individual taste of its owner. Tavitta women’s hats are for girls who are not ready to make a choice between comfort and beauty. Headwear, which is produced by a Russian brand with an impeccable reputation, is distinguished by high quality workmanship, the ability to keep its shape for a long time and compliance with world fashion trends. If you have Tavitt’s hats in your wardrobe, winter will not take you by surprise!

Winter hats Tavitta

Tavitta specializes in knitted hats and accessories. The collections of the brand include hats for women, men and children. Tavitta hats are made from high-quality natural yarn, which is purchased in Italy. The finest sheep’s wool, angora and cashmere – the advantages of these materials have long been known. The company’s technologists manage to create a knitted fabric of unsurpassed quality, as the factory uses the latest knitting machines.

However, not only excellent quality ensured the success of the products of the Russian company in the domestic market. Any Tavitta women’s hat is the result of the work of a group of talented designers who track the most current trends in the world of accessories. It is in the creative department of the company that the original design of each model is created, which distinguishes Tavitt’s hats from the products of other brands. Headwear for women is presented in a wide range. You can choose a laconic plain hat without decor, which will complete the look in any style, or opt for a more expressive model that can become an accent of the ensemble. Designers use beads, pompoms made of natural fur, embroidery, rhinestone and sequin appliqu├ęs as decor. It is also noteworthy that such decor is made by skilled craftsmen by hand. Pleased with the breadth of colors. The collections of the Tavitta brand include models made in delicate pastel colors and hats decorated with catchy prints.

It is also important that Tavitta hats have proven themselves to be worn well. Hats retain their original shape and color for a long time, do not stretch and do not become covered with spools. They can be washed on the delicate cycle.