cap with fan

«Helicopter helmet» — that’s what many people call this miracle device, a cap with a fan. Sounds strange, but at the same time tempting? Thousands of extravagant fashionistas have already appreciated a number of advantages of such an unusual headdress, which will help you survive hot weather better than anyone else.

Solar fan cap — what is it?

This headpiece is made from fabric materials that allow the scalp to breathe. This also indicates that after a long stay in a ventilated cap, the hair will retain its primary well-groomed appearance.

The manufacturer claims that this accessory will last more than one season. This is explained by the high-strength materials from which the device is created, as well as the long-term operation of solar panels.

If we talk in more detail about what such a cap is, then this is the most ordinary baseball cap, but with a built-in fan, the blades of which begin to rotate exactly at the moment when a person is in the sun.

What can we say, but this original headdress is simply indispensable for those who have to stay under the baking sun for a long time.

By the way, the hotter it is outside, the more intensively the plastic fan blades rotate, but as soon as you enter the room or the sun hides behind the clouds, the cap turns into an ordinary headdress.

At first, it may seem that the visor seems to be pulling the head forward. It is possible that this is exactly the case, because in this part of the cap there is a mini fan. After a while, you will get used to it, and, let’s say, the heaviness of the baseball cap will not be noticeable at all.

As for the intensity of rotation of the fan blades of a solar-powered cap, you should not expect that, having put on this miracle device, you will instantly feel cool and give the impression that you are standing under an air conditioner. So, a light breeze will be felt in the forehead, but this is a huge plus, especially if it is hellishly hot outside and not a single tree is swaying.

By the way, what you do not need to do with such an accessory is to get caught in heavy rain in it. Nothing in the world lasts forever, including the fan cap. It is possible that moisture will get into the fan drive through the slots at the joints in the plastic, and then you will have to forget about the uniqueness of the baseball cap. If a light summer rain catches you, then there is a high probability that the device will remain safe and sound: in this little thing, the fan case is knocked down quite tightly.