cap fred perry

The design of each cap model of the famous British brand Fred Perry, however, as well as all the clothes of this brand, is created in classic and sporty styles. This is the personification of street-style and at the same time primordially English style. The products of this trading company are worn by freedom-loving and purposeful fashionistas who know how to achieve their goals: after all, it is not for nothing that the symbol of the brand is a laurel wreath.

Features of the Fred Perry women’s cap

The summer version of this headdress is made of cotton material, which means that even in the heat of the day, the scalp breathes, thermoregulation and protection from overheating are carried out.

The tops of the baseball cap panels are decorated with eyelets, and the dome-shaped top of the cap makes it versatile, which means only one thing: it will suit owners of any face shape. There is an adjustable strap on the back. I would like to note that the main highlight of the accessory is the aforementioned cotton fabric. After all, not all famous brands create baseball caps from breathable fabrics.

For the winter chill, Fred Perry has a wool baseball cap, both with and without a herringbone pattern. It contains not only wool, but also acrylic, cotton and viscose. It is worth noting that the universal color scheme will suit both boys and girls.

Fred Perry caps — we distinguish the original from the fake

Of course, having given a considerable amount of money, you don’t want to find out in the future that the new thing turned out to be fake, and therefore, in order to prevent this, it is important to arm yourself with the necessary knowledge:

  • the laurel wreath, the brand’s corporate logo, is embroidered on special equipment, and therefore it will always have clear contours on a baseball cap;
  • in a laurel wreath there are either 3 or 16 petals, but if the collection is before 2006, then there may be 20 petals;
  • The label contains information in five languages.