button-down shirtfront

From history, we know that the bib was originally a very popular item in the men’s wardrobe, but after a while women still discerned its merits, and the bib eventually became an element of women’s clothing. She can successfully replace a scarf and warm the neckline in the cold season. It is preferable to use it in your image for women with a high neck, otherwise it will play against its owner – the lines of the chin and shoulders will merge.

Bib – a fashionable modern accessory

Putting a shirt-front over your head can certainly ruin your hair, so a button-down accessory is the perfect solution to this issue. Creating your image, it will save enough time and eliminate the additional steps of modeling a scarf, while you will always look flawless and comfortable without much effort.

Unfortunately, a women’s shirt-front with buttons cannot be called a hot commodity in stores and salons, but you can buy it. For example, to make a private order from the master or visit fairs and exhibitions of needlework masters, you definitely won’t stay there without a purchase.

The ideal ratio for the composition of the knitted button-front for women, it is recommended to use 50% wool and 50% acrylic. Wool is a natural product that circulates air well, allows moisture to pass through and retains heat perfectly, but one significant drawback is that wool products roll up and stretch a lot, and therefore, to prevent this from happening, acrylic comes to the rescue.

Now there are also a sufficient number of knitting manuals that are accessible and competently present the material for self-study and application, so if you have a great desire and free time, you can personally model your fashion masterpiece: an original and unique knitted button-down shirtfront.