brioche hat

Knitted hats are always deservedly popular among girls and women of different ages. It is not surprising, because these products give their owner warmth and comfort and, moreover, can be a great addition to any look.

There are many techniques that are used to make these hats. In particular, one of the most striking and original is the brioche technique, with the help of which needlewomen create a soft and dense fabric, ideal for a warm hat.

How to crochet a brioche hat

The brioche technique has appeared in the world of needlework quite recently. Despite this, it is actively used by women and girls around the world. In the brioche style, you can knit not only a hat, but also a beautiful shawl, scarf, sweater, coat and many other products. Nevertheless, it is the hats that are especially popular with the fair sex, as they look very unusual and give their owner a unique comfort on cool autumn days.

The basis of the brioche technique is the English gum, which is familiar to almost all lovers of knitting. Depending on what pattern the needlewoman wants to get on a hat or any other product, she should use English, or patent, loops in various combinations and directions. At the same time, the knitting technique can be different — some patterns are knitted with circular knitting needles, while others are like a canvas, which is later sewn together with the same thread.

The women’s brioche hat is reversible, allowing you to wear it in different ways depending on your mood. Such products connected with threads of two or more colors look especially original. Using different shades, you can get both classic elegant models and bright youth hats that attract the attention of others to their owner.

Although the brioche technique may seem difficult for beginner needlewomen, in reality, it is not difficult to master it. As a rule, after a few days, women begin to feel what kind of pattern they should get, and the work is done simply and easily.