brand glasses

Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory, but also an important element for maintaining healthy vision. That is why the purchase of glasses must be treated very responsibly. Opticians do not advise purchasing products on the market and in other non-specialized points of sale, since their manufacturers do not guarantee UV protection.

To be guaranteed to protect yourself from fakes, you need to purchase branded sunglasses. They will have a guarantee of quality, and the style of the accessory will meet the latest fashion trends.

Women’s branded sunglasses

At the moment, there are several leading brands of sunglasses in the world. Among them there are those who specialize in the production of clothing, and glasses are made as an additional fashion accessory. Here you can highlight:

  1. Ray-ban glasses. The legendary eyewear brand that pioneered the Aviator and Wayfarer designs. The former are in the shape of a droplet, while the latter are rectangular, slightly elongated. RAY BAN adorns the lenses of the glasses with laser engraving of the brand name or markings in capital letters «FANTASEES».
  2. Polaroid eyewear. The company produces branded sunglasses with the highest level of polarization functionality. They effectively absorb UV rays, while the shock-absorbing layers on the sides make them lightweight and impact resistant.
  3. Prada, Chanel, Gucci, Furla, Mex, etc. These brands produce specialized optics, but unlike other brands, they pay great attention to product design. Stylish branded eyeglass frames with rhinestone appliqués and gold-plated elements are used here.

branded eyeglasses

Here is a completely different concept of pricing. Such glasses can cost several thousand dollars due to the use of unique frames and glass. So, the Lotos company gives a lifetime warranty on its women’s branded eyeglass frames and decorates the models with diamonds, and the Lindberg company specializes in rimless glasses, believing that the product should be imperceptible when worn.