borsalino hat

The Borsalino hat is a headdress that has not lost its popularity for several decades. This exquisite piece of clothing was borrowed by women from the men’s wardrobe, today it successfully complements all kinds of images of the fair sex.

Borsalino hats

Borsalino is not the name of a model, but a brand. In fact, Borsalino is the same fedora — a hat with small soft brim and dents on top of the crown.

The name of the Italian Giuseppe Borsalino, whose hats are widely known all over the world, this model has received because the designer since 1857, since the appearance of his hat workshop, has invariably included it in his collections.

Borsalino products are associated with excellent quality and excellent design. The company annually produces a huge number of these accessories. Borsalino hats are perhaps the most famous style of this brand. The Borsalino women’s hat is a medium-sized felt headdress with a ribbon, the width of which can vary.

Borsalino models are elegant, refined, they fit perfectly into different looks and make them unique and stylish.

How to wear a Borsalino hat?

The thin-brimmed Borsalino hat will be appreciated by women who adore refined, thoughtful bows to the smallest detail. With classic things, this hat looks perfect and is always a win-win. You can combine it with suits consisting of a jacket, trousers or shorts, a briefcase or a neckerchief can also be an excellent addition to the image. Strict dresses or ensembles with a blouse, turtleneck and skirt will also look very good. Undoubtedly, a hat is suitable for an outfit made up of a jacket, straight trousers, derby-style boots.

The Borsalino hat also came in handy in everyday, street bows. Today it is worn with completely simple things. Try pairing a hat with skinny pants, a long sleeve top and an elongated cardigan for a flawless, stylish outfit for outing with friends or shopping.

If you are going on vacation, then the Borsalino hat will come in handy. For example, Cameron Diaz wears such a hat with jeans, a T-shirt and a vest. You can take a cue from the star or put on a hat with shorts, a shirt and enjoy, on the one hand, a loose, and on the other, sophisticated outfit.