Black hat - 35 most stylish models for every taste

The classic dark colors remain the most relevant in the collections of fashionable clothes, including hats. This is a versatile color solution that will stylishly complement both bright bows and a discreet ensemble. Therefore, the black hat remains one of the most popular headwear in the women’s wardrobe.

Who wears black hats?

The main advantage of headwear in a dark classic shade is their versatility in relation to the type and features of appearance. A black hat for blondes will be a stylish acquisition that will emphasize brightness and expressiveness. Such accessories are also considered successful for brunettes, because in combination with dark hair your appearance will become even more mysterious. If you welcome the trend of unnatural coloring, then a dark accessory will be the best choice for you, which accentuates the beauty and eccentricity of the hairstyle.

black hat for blondeswho wears black hats

Fashionable black hats

In modern fashion, classic color is used in collections of any season and type of wardrobe. In each show of famous headwear, a separate line of universal models is always highlighted. From year to year, designers offer new stylish styles and improve the trends of past years. Coloring also allows you to include unusual design solutions in your everyday look. In a wide variety of beautiful accessories, every fashionista will find the perfect solution for herself — whether she is a business woman, a schoolgirl or an athlete. Let’s see which women’s black hat is in trend:

  1. Turban. A fashion trend for lovers of romantic feminine combinations will be a model that fits the head with a symmetrical drapery fixed in the middle of the forehead. A large brooch or stone in the center of the assembly is considered an appropriate addition for such products.
  2. trendy black hats

  3. Beret. The French style always looks elegant and sophisticated. Both winter accessories and neat models for the off-season are in fashion. The beret has become a classic of modern style, so it does not lose popularity over the years.
  4. women's black hat

  5. Kapor. A practical and protective solution, especially during the frosty period, is to choose a closed accessory that has a triangular shape with a neck. This model is popular because it helps to eliminate the additional use of a scarf or scarf around the neck and looks very impressive.
  6. stylish black hat

  7. with a veil. For true connoisseurs of elegance and grace in the image, designers offer neat products, complemented by a translucent mesh along the edge of the forehead. This option is successful both for everyday bow and for going out.
  8. black warm hats

Black knitted hat

Yarn products are considered the most popular accessories for every day today. Such hats are represented by the widest choice of styles. Here you can find stylized designer products and fashionable factory models. Knitted hats are presented in the collections of the demi-season period and for the winter. The main difference is the composition of the yarn and the density of knitting. Choosing a dark element of the wardrobe, you should take care of the attractiveness of its appearance. Let’s see which black knitted hat for women is the most popular:

  1. Women’s black knitted hat with braids. A stylish solution in your image for every day will be an accessory with a textured pattern. The most popular are ideas with braids and interlaced loops. Both vertical and horizontal patterns are in trend.
  2. black knitted hat

  3. Sock. A fashionable trend for the past few years has been a neat model that fits the head with an elongated crown. Especially this style looks good on light or colored hair.
  4. black knitted hat for women

  5. Lapel. For the cold season, accessories with cuffs are considered relevant. Such an addition will become an additional element that warms the forehead and ears. And in dark colors, the lapel will make the headdress more attractive.
  6. women's knitted black hat

Black hat with pompom

Stylish additions will help dilute the routine and simplicity of a dark design. One of the most popular finishing options are soft balls of thread or fur. To draw attention to a fashion accessory, choose a design in a contrasting color. In this case, a black hat with a pom-pom made of natural raccoon, arctic fox, fox or silver fox fur will be a stylish choice. For an image in a youth style, hats with a dark base and a bright addition of colored or multi-colored threads are relevant. The trendy design is with a single pom-pom at the crown and double trim on the sides like the ears.

black hat with pompom

Black cap with visor

In the latest collections, designers have emphasized that men’s style has returned to women’s fashion. This was especially reflected in the headdresses. Rough men’s caps and caps are in trend. Such styles are relevant not only during the warm off-season, but also in the cold. After all, designers offer models insulated with fleece and baize, knitted from wool and cashmere products. Black warm hats with a visor are made of fur, leather, thick knitwear. Such accessories go well with classic coats and sheepskin coats, leather jackets and bomber jackets.

black hat cap with visor

Black hat with ears

Do not be afraid to add a touch of prank and perkyness to your everyday look. A black hat with ears is a stylish way to do this. Knitted tight-fitting models and knitted products are in fashion. The ears can be an element of the cut, for example, in the form of an elongated or pointed knit on the sides. Models with an overhead or sewn-in element look interesting. Accessories with Mickey Mouse ears have become a trend. For winter hats, designers choose fur accessories in the form of animal ears — bear, lynx, fox and others. This option will perfectly fit into a youth bow with a down jacket or an oversized coat.

black hat with ears

Black hat with earflaps

The most practical and reliable in cold weather remains the style, closed design. Women’s winter black hat with earflaps are made of fur, sheepskin coat, leather. The latter material has several stylish variations — a lacquered finish, embossed reptile patterns, and quilted stitching. An actual choice would be a combined hat made of leather and fur, sheepskin coat and sheepskin, suede and a knitted cuff. Earflaps made of yarn are found in the collections of the demi-season period. So that the accessory does not look dull in a dark color, choose the option with textured braids or from melange threads.

black hat with earflaps

Black caps with slogans

A fashionable trend in modern urban fashion has become models of dense knitwear or fleece, complemented by a contrasting letter print. The inscription, as a rule, is not large-scale and is placed in the center of the lapel or above the forehead. The most successful solution is the words and sentences in white. A stylish black hat can be with a provocative statement, such as «Sexy», «Rich», «Go» and the like. Accessories with phrases that exalt feminine appeal and style have become a popular choice. This design is also found in the line of paired accessories.

black caps with slogans

Black beanie

This style in dark classic colors has entered the category of wardrobe staples. Its conciseness and restraint of design are suitable for any clothing. A knitted black hat looks great in a solid bow with leather pants and a leather jacket. Such an accessory will complement the feminine image of a romantic with a flying dress, coat and high heeled boots. For lovers of practical casual, this headpiece will become a lifesaver in an ensemble with a down jacket and sneakers or a more feminine combination with wedge ankle boots and a sheepskin coat.

black beanie hat

Black hat with rhinestones

Sparkling stones and crystals remain the most stylish and spectacular decor for the dark background of the headdress. Such a finish will make even the most modest and concise design attractive and romantic. Beautiful compositions in floral or animal themes are in fashion, an abstract generous scattering of rhinestones of different sizes and colors throughout the product, decoration in the form of one large stone in the center or on the side. An alternative solution is a black hat with beads. And the most beautiful in this case will be a design with pearls, both classic white and soft pink, graphite.

black hat with rhinestones

Black chunky knit hat

A voluminous headdress made of thick yarn is a must have for a modern fashionista in trend. Even in dark colors, such a headdress will become the main element in the image. Given the density of the threads, such accessories are more suitable for cold weather. A black winter hat will stylishly complement a casual look in a youth, urban or romantic style. When choosing such a model, it is important to choose the right clothes so as not to look shapeless. A stylish solution would be a short coat or short fur coat with a straight cut, a short sheepskin coat or a down jacket in combination with tight jeans or leggings.

black chunky knit hat

Black fur hat

Fur products will always add a touch of luxury and sophistication to the image. In modern fashion, natural and artificial models are presented. This choice is designed for every taste and budget. However, accessories made of natural fur are becoming more and more popular. Their main advantages are lightness, durability and practicality. The most fashionable was a black hat made of mink fur. But you can find a more budget option, for example, from a rabbit. Styles made of textured astrakhan and astrakhan fur look original and unusual. The fluffy thick pile of silver fox will add an effect to the image.

black fur hat