Belt bag - what are and with what to wear a women's belt bag?

Every woman spends a lot of time creating her image. In particular, special attention is paid to the choice of an accessory for carrying the necessary little things. One of the most convenient options that will greatly facilitate the life of a modern fashionista is a belt bag that goes well with most wardrobe items.

Women’s belt bag

A miniature fanny pack was extremely popular in the 90s of the twentieth century, when the choice of accessories for storing money and necessary little things was very small. At that time, almost no attention was paid to her appearance, and the main fans of this type of accessory were sellers in the market, who kept their proceeds closer to the body.

Today, a belt bag looks completely different – stylists and designers have developed many interesting models that can complement the stylish and attractive image of a modern fashionista. Such products are incredibly convenient, they completely free the girl’s hands and allow her to do her usual things.

women's belt bag

Leather belt bag

A women’s leather belt bag, not overloaded with decor, will perfectly fit even into a business look and will attract the attention of others to its owner. The main advantage of accessories of this kind is that with them the hands of the young lady are completely free, so she can work at the computer, hold an umbrella or important documents.

In addition, products made of natural leather, painted in bright intense colors, are extremely popular among young girls. Such models shine with rich colors and give the hostess a positive mood, and natural wear-resistant material makes them practical and durable. In addition, a leather belt bag will be a great option for a child. It will not cause allergic reactions, will not fly off and will not tear at the first careless movement, which is very important for active and restless children.

leather belt bag

Waist bag

Women’s waist bag can be of various sizes, from the smallest to large and roomy. A small accessory is perfect for shopping lovers, as it will free its owner’s hands and allow her to explore the range of stores without worrying about her things. As a rule, such a waist bag has special compartments for coins and bank cards, which practically eliminates the possibility of accidentally losing an important item.

belt purse bag

Women’s branded belt bags

A fashionable women’s belt bag is not only an extremely convenient accessory, but also an important part of the image of a modern fashionista, which can significantly change her appearance. Well-known fashion gurus annually develop new variations of such products, complementing them with bright decor, contrasting inserts made of other materials, and so on.

Depending on individual preferences and material well-being, each representative of the fair sex can give her preference to the product she likes from one of the well-known brands or less popular manufacturers who offer their products at an affordable price.

women's branded belt bags

Gucci waist bag

Accessories from the Italian brand Gucci attract many women, regardless of age. They look very elegant and sophisticated, so they can complement almost any look. So, the Gucci women’s belt bag has a laconic design, so it can be combined with most wardrobe items. Each item has a catchy logo, and some items are decorated with other golden elements, such as butterflies.

Many models of this brand are made in universal color shades – black, white, beige and gray. However, the manufacturer’s collection also includes bright options that draw attention to oneself, for example, a velvet belt bag in an intense blue hue, decorated with a large logo on the front panel and an original stitch pattern.

gucci belt bag

Chanel Belt Bag

Fashionable belt bags are also presented in the assortment of the famous Chanel brand, whose products are famous for their excellent quality and stylish appearance. All accessories of this brand are made of genuine leather, so they are durable and practical. As in the case of Gucci, the Chanel fashion house does not overload its products with excessive decor – in most cases, the Chanel belt bag is decorated only with a logo.

chanel belt bag

Belt bag Zara

Young ladies are held in high esteem by youth belt bags from the Zara brand, which can be purchased at a very affordable price. Such products look simple and concise, but are perfectly combined with wardrobe items in a casual or sports style. The Zara collection presents various options that meet the needs of the fair sex, for example:

  • the original model in the form of an envelope, presented in various colors. This product goes well with both trousers and jeans, and with feminine dresses;
  • large navy blue belt bag with two patch pockets. This accessory is incredibly roomy, although it can cause discomfort when walking due to its impressive size;
  • romantic young ladies may like a miniature handbag in pale pink;
  • finally, the most unusual appearance is fur products, which this season are included in the lines of most manufacturers of fashion accessories.

zara belt bag

Furla Belt Bag

Women’s designer belt bags from the Furla brand are miniature in size, so you can put only the most necessary things in them. Each model of such accessories has a convenient patch pocket, which slightly increases the internal space. This product can not only be used as a storage accessory, but can also function as a belt for a skirt or trousers.

furla belt bag

Prada belt bag

A luxurious and sophisticated Prada belt bag is available only to a small part of the fair sex, since its price can reach fabulous sums. However, due to the high cost of products, the demand for the brand does not fade at all, and the number of devoted fans is constantly growing.

The brand’s collection includes many interesting and original models. So, a bag-casket on a belt, resembling a book in appearance, won particular popularity among young ladies. The color range of such accessories is extremely diverse – the line contains products of wine, dark green, blue and other noble shades.

In addition, casket bags are decorated with gilded key chains, which gives them a special charm. In addition to this variety, Prada also produces other variations under the auspices of Prada – classic small handbags in black and laconic design, original velveteen items and bright catchy models that allow you to stand out from the crowd.

prada belt bag

Nike Belt Bag

Lovers of an active image often give their preference to companies producing sports shoes and clothing, in the lineup of which there are also accessories. So, for example, the Nike waist bag, which is of high quality, durability and practicality, will be an excellent choice. This little thing will allow you to securely hide your smartphone and other important and necessary little things and protect them from accidental drops.

The Nike running, jogging and other activity waist pack is extraordinarily light, so it won’t drag you to the ground. The stylistic performance and color scheme of such accessories will also please girls and women – they are made in contrasting combinations of shades, therefore they attract attention.

nike belt bag

Belt bag Adidas

A sports belt bag from the Adidas brand also satisfies all the requirements of fans of an active lifestyle. It is resistant to damage and abrasion, which ensures a long service life. In the production of such accessories, Adidas brand specialists pay special attention to fastenings and a belt, which is located directly on the human body. Thanks to multi-stage control, these products almost never fall and do not cause discomfort to their owner.

adidas belt bag

What to wear with a waist bag?

Many girls, thinking about purchasing such an accessory, do not understand what to wear a bag on their belt, and with what wardrobe items it must be combined so as not to be considered a tasteless and sloppy person. In fact, there are many options, among which each girl can choose the one that she likes.

So, belt accessories look great with trousers and jeans with a classic or high waistline. A good combination would be an ensemble with a feminine dress, which can have a straight, loose or semi-fitted cut. Composing a business look, you can combine this product with a classic pencil skirt, but in this case you will have to place the handbag just below waist level.

what to wear with a waist bag

Fashionable bows with a fanny pack

what to wear with a waist bagwhat to wear with a waist bag