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Many ladies who want to add variety to their winter look choose fashionable knitted mittens, which have recently become no less popular than the usual mittens and gloves. These products cover the fingers only halfway or do not cover them at all, however, at the same time they give unique comfort and warm the hands quite well.

Women’s knitted mittens

This accessory looks very impressive, regardless of what yarn it is made of. So, some knitted mittens are made of thick threads, so it is impossible to freeze in them even in severe frost. Other models, on the contrary, are made with an openwork pattern of thin and delicate yarn, and in this case they perform an exclusively decorative function.

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Openwork knitted mittens

Original gloves with an openwork pattern attract the attention of romantic young ladies who prefer a classic style of clothing. Best of all, such unusual knitted mittens are suitable for strict and elegant coats, elegant dresses and fur coats and short fur coats. In addition, this model will perfectly complement the image for an evening or festive event, giving its owner a unique charm and feminine charm.

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Knitted long mitts

This beautiful and unusual accessory can have different lengths. The option that reaches the elbow replaces the sleeves, so it goes well with winter down jackets. This bow becomes extremely relevant in the cool spring and autumn, when the weather is very changeable, and the sun’s rays are not yet warm enough to completely undress.

In addition, some women of fashion wear knitted mitt sleeves lowered. As a rule, they are worn together with a beautiful T-shirt with straps or a top. In this case, the image becomes somewhat extravagant, but at the same time bright and original, so many girls do not refuse this opportunity to demonstrate their individual style to others.

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Knitted short mitts

The short model is suitable for absolutely any image. So, knitted mittens made of woolen threads will warm you in cold weather and will look great with a classic fur coat. When creating a fatal bow for a daring young lady who likes to shock the public, you can turn to a black accessory and combine it in one ensemble with a leather jacket or a rough raincoat.

Beautiful knitted mittens, reminiscent of gloves made of fine mohair yarn, go well with a business look and a discreet coat made of drape or tweed. Every woman who knows needlework skills can easily make them on her own, and she does not have to spend too much time on this. You can crochet this stylish accessory with your own hands using both a crochet hook and traditional knitting needles.

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Knitted mittens on the leg

For many young girls, fashionable knitted mitts worn on the legs have become a favorite accessory in the autumn-winter period. In most cases, they cover the legs from the foot to the knees, however, there are also shortened versions that end at the ankle. Due to the high degree of fit, such mittens-gaiters reliably retain heat and give their owner a unique comfort.

Such products can be worn in combination with any wardrobe items. So, in frosty weather, women of fashion prefer to wear them over leggings and combine them with warm dresses or tunics. If you combine similar knitted mitts in one ensemble with a short skirt and high-heeled shoes, the image will turn out to be unusually stylish, attractive and flirty.

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Knitted mittens

Regardless of the technique in which this accessory is made, it always looks unusually bright and impressive. Meanwhile, some girls choose original models that immediately catch the eye of others, as soon as a fashionista puts them on her hands. Such original knitted mitts can be made from multi-colored yarn or pieces of threads that differ in structure.

In addition, various funny inscriptions and pictures can be applied on plain knitted mitts. Some products are decorated with natural fur, which makes them look voluminous and very unusual. Finally, young women of fashion often choose original models with animal muzzles, mustaches, tails, horns and so on depicted on them.

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