Knitted Socks

This is an indispensable thing for a harsh winter. Knitted socks for women in recent years have become not just warm clothes, but have acquired the status of a fashionable and stylish accessory. Previously, they could not be imagined complete with light summer clothes, but at the moment you will not surprise anyone with such a bow. And there are new rules in their use.

Knitted socks patterns

There are many varieties of them. Knitted women’s socks are not only short or classic, but also elongated, in the form of golfs or leggings to the knee, openwork, vintage, with additional fittings. The composition may contain not only wool, but also cotton. But synthetics are undesirable if they are not thermal socks, since these clothes fit snugly to the legs.

Models differ in length: there are short ones that cover only the heel, or stockings that are fixed behind the knee; by style, knitting methods, applied pattern, shade. The color scheme is also varied. Here there is a place where designers’ fantasies can unfold, fashionistas themselves can also try their hand at creating this trendy accessory.

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Knitted slipper socks

This thing is for home, because it should be convenient and comfortable. But beautiful knitted slipper socks are no exception in the wardrobes of fashionistas. Home clothes should also be spectacular, and not just cozy. This is a stylish alternative to ordinary slippers, which, besides being expensive, are hardly perceived by women of fashion as a fashion accessory. Another thing is soft woolen socks-slippers.

These are cute attributes reminiscent of childhood. They do not restrict movement, you can either climb into them on a winter evening under a blanket or blanket on the sofa to read a book, or meet guests. Practically it is a universal little thing, suitable for children, men and women. And they will be given individuality by bright, catchy or themed decorations, interesting fittings.

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Knitted socks with a pattern

This element can completely transform a thing. Knitted wool socks are a traditional and everyday item of clothing, the mention of which does not evoke strong associations with sophisticated style. But let’s imagine thin white fishnet stockings that are tight around the leg, and it becomes clear that it would be appropriate to wear them with a dress, a skirt, with elegant high-heeled shoes. Patterns can be varied. Often used embossed, patent, you can often see socks with braids.

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Knitted fishnet socks

Openwork curls give the image a romantic touch. That doesn’t mean they can’t be paired with edgy or classic pieces like a leather jacket and jeans. The contrast will emphasize the tenderness of the product and can make the socks the main focus of the image. Beautiful knitted socks are not uncommon. Handmade wool items, such as knee socks and hats, have become part of the everyday wear of inveterate fashionistas.

Do not think that only openwork leggings knitted from thin cotton material are suitable for light summer clothes. Some things and images, even romantic ones, imply a combination with coarse-knit knee socks when thick wool is used. Such ensembles need to be able to compose and wear, it is unacceptable to make a mistake in choosing, just one drawback will make the bow comical.

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Knitted sneaker socks

This is a very unusual model for the most daring. Hand-knitted socks are a common thing, you won’t surprise anyone with it. But knitted sneakers are exotic, a new trend. This is also clothing for the home, it will suit people of all ages, but it will especially please teenagers. The lacing makes them very comfortable to wear; sports motifs are often used in the design. More often, such things are knitted by fashionistas on their own.

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Socks with knitted patterns

This is another kind of familiar everyday wear. Knitted socks with a pattern look very impressive, give the whole image a childish spontaneity and recklessness. Such motives in today are also very fashionable and in demand. If the pattern is part of the knitting method, is applied to the entire product, then the pattern can be invented individually, locally located.

What pattern to choose for your item? It depends on personal preferences and the ensembles for which such accessories are intended. For household items, it is appropriate to choose almost any pattern, for a fashionable bow — corresponding to the general style. Eclecticism is welcomed by fashion trends, but only if the image turns out to be whole, exceptionally harmonious.

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