beach bag mat transformer

Going on a vacation in nature, I want to lighten my luggage as much as possible. As a rule, you always have to take more things with you than you expect, especially when traveling with your family. Therefore, designers are constantly delighting us with convenient and compact gizmos that can facilitate the preparation for the rest. One of these items is a transformer beach bag-mat. This accessory will become indispensable not only on a trip to the sea. You can take this bag with you on a picnic or on a camping trip. It all depends on the model you buy.

Models of beach bags-mats

Today, designers offer a large selection of transforming mat bags, which differ in size, material, and the presence of additions. From the simplest to the most versatile, we offer accessories that fold out into the bedding, which will provide you with complete comfort and save space in the main bag.

Soft bag-mat for the beach. One of the most comfortable are models with a soft layer. As a rule, waterproof fabric is combined with soft synthetic foam rubber. You can choose for yourself both a bright bag and a model of a calm shade.

Beach Mat Bag with Inflatable Cushion. How nice to relax on the beach, lying on a soft pillow. Today, designers have solved the issue of such a holiday by adding an inflatable pillow to a comfortable transforming beach bag. Such models are also perfect for an active mountain or tourist vacation, when an overnight stay is organized in a tent.

Beach mat bag with waterproof bottom. Almost all models for the beach have a waterproof base. Such a bag can be made of raincoat fabric or oilcloth. But if it is important for you that the fabric does not float, then the straw model with a reflective bottom is the best choice.