Bath hats

In order for water procedures to benefit your health, you should take care of having a hat made of felt for a bath. Of course, this accessory, first of all, is functional, but what woman does not want to look good in the sauna too? In fairness, it should be noted that with such an accessory it is very difficult to create a stunning stylish bow. Why not bet on originality then? Cool hats for a bath — this is what you need!

Funny bath accessory

As already mentioned, the main purpose of bathing hats is to protect the head from high temperatures. Head protection is also necessary because the hottest air accumulates in the upper part of the bath or sauna. This task is perfectly handled by natural sheep wool. It is for this reason that manufacturers of these accessories make them from this material, which has thermal insulation properties. Wearing bath hats, visitors to these establishments can stay in the steam room longer than those who have not taken care of themselves. In addition, their hair will remain healthy and shiny as it will not be exposed to hot air.

Today on sale you can see bath hats made of felted wool, felt or felt. These materials, made of natural sheep wool, are distinguished by their density. The most popular models of sauna hats are made from felted wool. They are light, do not float and do their job perfectly. However, felted bath hats have one drawback — a large volume. To make the headdress look more attractive, manufacturers are experimenting with drawings, applications and original inscriptions.

Bath hats made of felt look more elegant, since this material has less density. Felt hats for a bath attract mainly men, as the material has a specific rough texture. In addition, most models of felt hats are made in neutral beige, gray or black tones.

Bath hats made of felt are free from this drawback. They look better, as finely dressed wool is used for the production of such models. Yes, and the decor possibilities in such models are wider, which is easy to see by looking at the photos presented in the gallery.

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