bag on wheels with retractable handle

Choosing a bag is a matter of taste and needs. It all depends on whether you need it for household needs or for travel? If the latter, how much do you travel, do you travel for work or just for pleasure, travel from city to city or cross country borders or maybe even the ocean? Prefer car, train, bus or plane? A travel bag on wheels with a retractable handle is definitely convenient, but what exactly will your bag look like?

Travel bags

The form

Men and women not only prefer different colors, but also, often, different shapes of their things. So ladies, for example, prefer sloping, rounded products, and men prefer those with a more rigid shape. Basically, there are two main categories:

  1. Semicircular bags. As a rule, they are smaller in size than rectangular ones, so they are mainly preferred by the fairer sex. However, this is not a constant – men can also like this form. A semi-circular bag on wheels with a retractable handle is especially suitable for short-term business trips – it will fit the necessary minimum, it can be easily carried in your hands, and, if necessary, you can take it with you.
  2. Rectangular bags. They are more spacious. Things in them can be conveniently stacked in even piles, without fear that they will wrinkle (especially well if the bag has a rigid base).

Between these two categories there is an intermediate stage – these are rectangles with strongly smoothed edges. In this form, sometimes there are not only adults, but also children’s options.

“Hands and Legs”

Most bags have two full-fledged handles (retractable and a small strap) on top and, in contrast, must necessarily have special legs on the other side. Pay attention to this detail – it will help keep your suitcase in a presentable form.

Some models, from small ones, may also have a long handle, which will allow you to carry the bag over your shoulder.

An exception in this case is a bag-backpack on wheels with a retractable handle: instead of two handles perpendicular to the retractable one, it has two straps parallel to it. Thus, the bag-backpack, as it were, is constantly in an upright position. There should also be a strap on top of the backpack, just in case.

As for retractable handles, they can hide:

  • in a special recess trimmed with plastic;
  • into a neat pocket on a snake, leaving completely in the bottom of the bag.


As mentioned above, a bag on wheels with a retractable handle can be designed for different needs – its appearance will directly depend on this. It could be:

  1. Casual bag with handle on wheels. Ideal for business people who often travel on business trips. However, despite its appearance and rather modest size, you will still have to check this one in your luggage on the plane.
  2. Satchel bag. A wonderful and refined invention, for those who are seriously concerned not only about their comfort, but also about style. Smaller than the previous version, it looks like a city bag. There will fit a small number of things and, for example, a laptop.
  3. Trolley sports bag with retractable handle. Suitable for holiday travel. Moderately roomy, not too pretentious in style. One of these in a neutral color can be purchased for the whole family – these bags, as unisex items, are suitable for everyone.
  4. Trolley shopping bag with retractable handle. Incredibly practical and convenient thing for all housewives. There are different sizes. Ideally, it should have a special arc opposite the wheels, which will allow the bag to stand without falling over. The top closes with a flap.