single strap backpack

The popularity of a variety of women’s backpacks in recent years is due to their convenience, spaciousness and a huge variety of styles and sizes that allow you to choose a model for any needs and styles. Backpacks with one shoulder strap are one of the models in demand now.

Benefits of single strap backpacks

A crossbody backpack with a single strap that goes across the torso can be fastened very tightly on the back, while leaving the arms and shoulders free. It practically does not hinder movement and keeps on the back much better. You can even make very active movements and not be afraid that the backpack may accidentally jump off your shoulder.

The only strap in such backpacks is made wide enough to relieve the burden on the shoulders or spine, so even with a heavy load, you can not be afraid that the strap will rub you. In addition, city backpacks with one shoulder strap are not inferior to models of a different form in terms of their spaciousness. Because of all these advantages, such backpacks are so loved by those who lead an active lifestyle. Especially often they are purchased by cyclists or those who are fond of long walks. If you want to carry only the most necessary things in such a backpack, then you can buy a small backpack with one shoulder strap. For example, such mini-backpacks with one strap are often chosen by photographers to store their equipment during active movements around the city.

How to choose a quality backpack?

Backpacks of a similar design can be of different shapes. The most common are triangular backpacks with one strap, as well as teardrop-shaped models. However, you can also find backpacks-bags and sacks, and even square models. In any case, such a backpack should be of high quality. It should have even lines, everywhere laid in two rows. They must be made with thick threads that will not break from a strong load. It is good when the bottom of such a backpack is duplicated with additional denser material. All locks should open and close easily, none of the fasteners should stick.

Also, special attention when purchasing a backpack should be given to its only strap. It should be thick enough and soft where it should rest on the shoulder and go across the chest. A mechanism for adjusting the width can be placed below, which will allow you to tighten the strap so that the backpack fits snugly behind your back and does not sway, but at the same time, does not pull or put pressure on your neck.