Far behind modern people is the feeling of heaviness from their own backpack. Indeed, now, thanks to the creators of such an accessory, every fashionista can purchase a backpack on wheels, the main feature of which is a retractable handle.

Moreover, such a novelty has made a lot of changes in the lives of schoolchildren who have to wear several kilograms of science granite every day. Based on this, future gentlemen can proudly declare: “Let’s take your backpack.” It’s easy for the boy, and the classmate feels like the center of attention.

Backpack on wheels with a retractable handle – popular brands

First of all, it is worth noting that this model is popular among schoolchildren. So, Skip Hop accessories are in unprecedented demand. This year she released a whole collection of funny animal backpacks. With such beauty, no kid will want to be separated. The American brand creates its products using durable fabric, the “highlight” of which is water-repellent properties. In addition, such a backpack can also be used as a suitcase on wheels.

The Italian brand Roncato pleases little fashionistas with delicate colors. And for parents there is good news – the polyester from which the backpack is made has a special, ultra-modern moisture impregnation. In addition, such a satchel is able to accommodate up to 3 kg of weight.

Designers have done their best, and therefore stylish travel backpacks on wheels designed for travel have been created for adults. Thus, the aforementioned world-famous brand Roncato decided to make the voyage not only comfortable, but also trendy by releasing a collection of backpacks in a variety of colors. Here you can find an accessory in beige, royal blue, cherry or classic black.

Choosing a backpack on wheels with a retractable handle

Before buying this accessory, it is important to decide for what purpose it will be used. So, if it is a backpack bag or just a backpack with a retractable handle, purchased for travel, then it must be made of high quality material. Its main duty is to protect the product from dirt and moisture.

A backpack on wheels is simply necessary for those who love or simply have to walk a lot. In addition, when buying it for a baby, it is worth remembering that such a backpack weighs a little more than usual. This is due to the wheels, handle and all kinds of fasteners.