aquawoman rochas

A light breeze, salty sea water, the coolness of a coastal morning dawn – all this rises before your eyes when you inhale the scent of Aquawoman Rochas perfume.

The idea and composition of the fragrance

Perfume created in 2002. When compiling the fragrance pyramid, perfumers were inspired by the image of a light, romantic, dreamy girl who escaped the city with its crazy rhythm and problems and is now in a hurry to meet the long-awaited vacation and sea adventures. These perfumes are not at all for a calm nature, Rochas Aquawoman perfumery is rather for a brave explorer who is not afraid to test her strength, boldly dives into the sea waves and is ready for any surprises. Despite the fact that the perfume belongs to the aquatic floral fragrances, it is quite persistent and will last all day on the skin. The composition of Rochas Aquawoman perfume is:

  • top notes: rose, sea water, bergamot;
  • middle notes: hibiscus, rose, white lily;
  • base notes: mango, musk, amber.

Design and sale of Rochas Aquawoman fragrance

Perfume Rochas Aquawoman is enclosed in a transparent bottle of irregular shape, which in its appearance resembles a drop of sea aquawoman rochas1water. Above and somewhat to the side is a cover in the form of a silver sphere. The perfume also has a blue paper box with silver lettering.

Rochas Aquawoman is perfect for everyday use. The production of this perfume composition was discontinued in 2009, but there is still a demand for it. Usually, such perfumes can be bought from the hands when they remain unclaimed by the previous owner, and this fragrance can still be found in stores. However, the price of such a rare perfume is quite high precisely because it is no longer produced. Even 30 ml of your favorite fragrance will cost much more than many 100 ml of perfumes of the same category.