Adidas women's bags - the most fashionable and practical models

The fair sex, who prefer an active lifestyle and playing sports, want to look feminine and attractive at the same time. Not only clothes, but also accessories are intended for this. Adidas women’s bags are very popular due to their functionality and stylish appearance.

Sports bags Adidas

One of the most sought-after options among fashionistas attending workouts is the Adidas duffel bag. Its undoubted advantages include:

  • originality of design;
  • practicality, the accessory can be used for a long period of time;
  • versatility, the thing is suitable not only for training, but also for everyday use;
  • a variety of female models, thanks to which any fashionista will be able to choose the right option for herself, reflecting her personality;
  • a variety of colors, so that, in accordance with individual taste, you can choose a model of discreet colors or, on the contrary, extremely bright (for example, made in light green, purple, hot pink tones);
  • reliability, due to the fact that Adidas women’s bags are made from heavy-duty materials and using the latest technologies;
  • high quality workmanship, which is achieved by careful study of all seams and details.

adidas sports bags

Sports bags Adidas

adidas duffel bagstylish adidas bag

Adidas shoe bag

Adidas women’s sports bags designed for carrying shoes have a special functionality. They are characterized by such distinctive features:

  • specially selected shape and size — they are designed to fit sneakers or sneakers with ease;
  • the presence of mesh inserts that improve ventilation, so that the shoes dry out faster after class and the necessary ventilation is provided;
  • Adidas women’s bags can have a standard square or rectangular shape, or be made in the form of a backpack.

adidas shoe bagwomen's sports bags adidas

Fashion bags Adidas

In the collections of the brand, which are Adidas bags, you can designate the following variations of models:

  • vary in size from miniature to extremely voluminous;
  • may have a square or rectangular oblong shape, contain a different number of pockets and internal compartments;
  • colors can be monochrome or contain prints, products are made in calm, restrained colors or bright and saturated;
  • Adidas women’s bags are complemented by comfortable handles that allow you to carry the product in your hands, or a wide shoulder strap that can be thrown over your shoulder;
  • depending on the functional purpose, they can be designed for carrying shoes, uniforms for training, travel luggage;
  • are made in the form of a handbag, a backpack, a capacious bag.

adidas fashion bags

Fashion bags Adidas

adidas bagsadidas leather bag

Adidas Shoulder Bag

For those who are regulars at the gym or fitness room, the Adidas shoulder bag is perfect. In addition to spaciousness, it is equipped with such an extremely convenient detail as an additional strap that facilitates the process of carrying. Its length can be adjusted according to individual preferences. Often, products are equipped with conventional handles that allow you to carry them in your hands.

adidas shoulder bag

Belt bag Adidas

For the fair sex, who have to move a lot, the Adidas waist bag, which is compact and lightweight, is ideal. In addition, the product has the following advantages:

  • by attaching it to your waist, you can go hiking, cycling, rollerblading or skateboarding, and at the same time have the necessary things at hand and not feel heavy.
  • due to the variety of colors, you can choose a thing that will not only provide comfort, but also become a stylish accessory;
  • the possibility of adjusting the belt, which is fixed at the waist, which makes it possible to adjust the Adidas women’s fanny packs to an individual figure.

adidas belt bag

Adidas leather bag

If a young lady wants to buy a thing that will last a long time and at the same time be of high quality, then the Adidas leather bag will be an ideal option. Models have the following characteristics:

  • the use of durable and reliable materials, which ensures a long service life;
  • the ability to choose among different sizes, from miniature to the most capacious;
  • a variety of design options, which will allow you to choose a thing in accordance with individual taste;
  • the use of durable and high-quality locks and zippers, numerous pockets and compartments;
  • The presence of comfortable handles, there may be a shoulder strap.

adidas leather bag

Small Adidas bag

For active girls who run or take long walks, a small Adidas shoulder bag will be a real find. With it, you can carry the necessary small parts, such as keys, mobile phone, but at the same time feel extremely free. Women’s accessory is suitable not only for sports, but also for everyday wear, as it has a stylish design, typical for this brand.

adidas small bag

Backpack Adidas

One of the most comfortable models is the Adidas backpack bag. This is due to the fact that it provides comfort and freedom when moving, the hands remain free, and the load on the spine is reduced. Products can be made in the following variations:

  • the size is chosen individually, from the smallest to the most voluminous;
  • can be equipped with a frame that makes it more convenient to fix on the back;
  • the lightness of the thing is provided by a special material, which at the same time gives rigidity to the structure;
  • adidas women’s backpacks are adjustable on the back with special straps and belts;
  • the presence of pockets and departments allows you to distribute the required number of necessary parts.

bag backpack adidas

Beach bag Adidas

In the summer season, the Adidas beach bag will become an indispensable thing. It will help to complete the bright and stylish look created when going to the beach, and at the same time will help you feel extremely comfortable. The product has the following features:

  • use for the manufacture of waterproof fabric;
  • the presence of a reinforced bottom, so you can carry a significant amount of things;
  • inside there is a large main compartment designed for large items, and side pockets for small items;
  • bright and original design;
  • addition of a comfortable handle.

adidas beach bag

Adidas Bucket Bag

The fair sex, who prefer light and compact things, will like the stylish Adidas bag, made in the form of a bag. It is characterized by such advantages:

  • light weight, which makes it almost weightless and incredibly comfortable to wear;
  • ease of storage, since it does not take up much space;
  • spaciousness, with its help you can transfer uniforms and shoes for sports, as well as other necessary accessories;
  • it can be made of different materials: accessories made of durable fabric are common, but there are also leather options;
  • the ability to choose among a variety of colors presented for every taste: from classic restrained to bright and catchy, decorated with all sorts of prints.

  bag bag adidasstylish adidas bag

Travel bag Adidas

Girls who have to travel long distances will appreciate this option as an Adidas bag on wheels. It will help to facilitate the trip and make it as comfortable as possible, it is characterized by such distinctive features:

  • supply with plastic ribs, providing greater rigidity;
  • the presence of a department for shoes, which provides additional ventilation;
  • in addition to the wheels, it can contain comfortable handles, a belt thrown over the shoulder or shoulder straps that allow you to carry a thing like a backpack;
  • can have different sizes: from the most compact to the most voluminous and roomy;
  • a varied color palette, it is possible to decorate with bright original prints.

adidas travel bag

Adidas by Stella McCartney bag

An original and extraordinary design novelty is the Adidas Stella McCartney bag. The fair sex, who decided to purchase it, will be credited with an impeccable sense of style, since the creation of these female models was given increased attention to designers, they are characterized by such distinctive features:

  • smoothness and streamlined lines, which gives the product an incredible femininity;
  • the predominance of pastel soft colors or classic colors;
  • original design, where every smallest detail is thought out;
  • The Adidas bag can be used not only for training trips, the universal design will allow you to wear it even to work.

adidas by stella mccartney bagadidas stella mccartney bag