ladies pitas gloves

When choosing gloves for herself, a girl is guided by the following requirements: length and style, appearance and quality of the material, color and, of course, decorative trim. And, despite the fact that women are capricious, like fashion, you can still please them. And if the product gives it sophistication and meets the latest fashion trends, then there will be no price for such an accessory. Of course, we are talking about Pitas women’s gloves. The brand is famous for its excellent quality, individual approach to each client and a wide range of models.

Pitas leather gloves

For the manufacture of products, the company uses only high-quality kid leather. In winter versions, the inner lining is most often made of wool. Thanks to this, women’s hands in Pitas gloves will be reliably protected from any cold. Speaking of an individual approach, the patterns for some models come with elongated fingers. This is very convenient for those fashionistas who prefer a long manicure.

Also, the manufacturer of gloves Pitas has taken care of a variety of models, ranging from classic options to more sophisticated and bold solutions, as well as elongated gloves, including mitts that are fashionable this season. For example, black products with suede inserts look very cute. They will be a great addition to both the everyday look and the more solemn. But long gloves will favorably emphasize the graceful girlish hands and protect them from the cold, especially if the outerwear has three-quarter sleeves.

Pitas leather gloves are produced in various colors, but the classic black and brown colors are the most popular. Girls who love brightness and outrageous looks should pay attention to models of blue and mustard color. Or it can be a classic model, complete with red and white inserts and embellished with perforations.