What to wear with army boots for girls

One of the most striking trends of the autumn-winter 20-21 season are boots with high tread or “tractor soles” with accent lacing. Previously, we have already met them on the catwalks and on the shelves and called them grinders or martens — in tune with the names of the manufacturers who set the fashion for massive high boots. In the coming season, a similar model was named military boots or combat, or, more simply, army boots.

If the representatives of the stronger sex do not have questions about creating fashionable images with the participation of army boots, then for girls this combination turns into a puzzle. Today’s fashion is very democratic, but there are still a few rules. Stylists strongly advise against wearing combat boots under a trouser suit, combining them with a miniskirt and not using them with a classic-cut short coat.

Now let’s move on to those fall wardrobe items that will accentuate your new combat boots. The most obvious and easy to combine option will be jeans. For a combination, jeans of both a classic silhouette and skinny or, on the contrary, balloon jeans are equally suitable. It is important that the jeans themselves correctly emphasize the dignity of your figure. The color scheme of denim can be varied — from khaki to sea blue. But scuffs and decorative stitching on jeans will make the look with rough boots more harmonious.

A more difficult piece of clothing to combine, but from this the most interesting option is the skirt. It is better to give preference to a midi-length skirt or a palm-length skirt below the knee. Combat boots look spectacular with tight-fitting long skirts with a bold slit. The texture of the fabric also matters: for a midi skirt, it is better to use flying fabrics, and for a skirt of an adjacent silhouette, it is better to use tight knitwear.

And the final image with the participation of army boots will be their combination with wide trousers. Wide trousers visually compensate for massive shoes. If you are intentionally striving to create a brutal look, then complement the wide trousers with patch pockets with a leather biker jacket or a pilot-cut jacket. And to create a more feminine look, you will need velvet or corduroy trousers and a soft, oversized sweater. An excellent option would be a combination of rough boots with a loose-fitting jumpsuit.

It doesn’t matter what kind of look you choose to combine with combat boots, it is important that you feel confident and free in them!