What models to choose on sale

Sale is a great time for bargain shopping. However, looking at low prices, it can be difficult to resist unnecessary purchases. Even if you got a pair at a symbolic price, it will not always be financially profitable. After all, after six months, this model may lose its relevance, and you will wear it only a couple of times.

In order for purchases to bring real budget savings, we will share insider information with you: which trends will smoothly move from the autumn-winter 2020-21 season to the next winter season.

Massive embossed outsole

In the autumn-winter 2021-22 season, chelsea boots, boots, loafers with massive soles with a pronounced tread pattern will continue to be relevant. Today, models that show this trend can be found in the Gant collection.

Animal prints

This trend has been on the catwalks for several seasons, and, it would seem, is losing ground, however, despite the large representation in models of different styles, next fall, drawings and textures imitating the skins of wild animals and reptiles will not go out of fashion. Most often they will be found in the form of inserts or decor. In our sale, you can find animal prints in the Pepe Jeans and Buffalo collections.

Retro sneakers

Exaggeratedly bulky sneakers, inspired by popular models from the 90s, are losing ground. But laconic classic sneakers in the style of the 80s, on the contrary, are gaining popularity. Next fall, classic-style sneakers will be made in pastel natural colors. Today, these sneakers can be found in the Clarks collection.

contrast inserts

In the fall-winter 2021-22 season, the material combination trend will not only continue, but even expand. Contrasts on shoes will be created both by the proximity of bright colors, and by using different materials in one model. The presence of textured textile inserts on leather shoes will be especially relevant. This season, inserts looked most impressive on models from the Gant collection.

We hope that this spoiler will help you make the right choice of shoes on sale, and your purchase will not only be an occasion for good mood, but also a profitable investment.