TOP-5 manufacturers of orthopedic insoles

Flat feet is a serious disease that manifests itself as sagging arches and carries with it unpleasant consequences in the form of deformations of the fingers, joints, spine and other organs. Diseases of the feet cause pain in the legs and back. The leading role in the treatment of flat feet is played by «correct» comfortable shoes and wearing orthopedic insoles. They are special modified liners with elements that support the vault. In addition, they help:

— Improve blood circulation;

— Increase stability when standing and walking;

— Reduce the load on the spine and joints;

— To prevent the risk of osteochondrosis, articular osteoarthritis and the development of other pathologies of the musculoskeletal system;

— Reduce fatigue, pain and eliminate swelling in the legs.

Choice of orthopedic insoles

Natural and polymeric materials are used for the production of prosthetic and orthopedic products. Devices made of leather are wear-resistant, breathable, keep their shape and do not lose their original properties for a long time. Significant advantages of silicone models are flexibility, the ability to adapt to individual curves and foot parameters. Regardless of the material, the products have the same design (sometimes one or another detail is missing). It includes:

1. Supinator for the internal arch;

2. metatarsal pads in the area of ​​the transverse arch;

3. A recess in the heel area and a cushion under it for cushioning.

After the examination, the doctor will tell you how to choose an insole model to correct flat feet and reduce its manifestations, and you will have to choose the manufacturer yourself. It is important how much orthopedic insoles cost. The following play a role: the reputation of the manufacturer’s company, materials, technologies, construction type and other parameters.

Criteria for choosing insoles

When choosing a product among similar models from different manufacturers, the main parameters, according to users and orthopedists, are:

• Quality of manufacturing and materials;

• Comfort;

• Wear resistance;

• Effectiveness of application;

• Construction strength;

• Absence of deformations during daily long-term operation;

• Quality/price ratio.

Given these characteristics, to make it easier to decide on a choice, a rating of manufacturers has been compiled. The following companies became the leaders: Pedag, Spannrit, Dakoma, Alps and Foot Care.

Pedag insoles (Germany)

Pedag brand products have been known on the orthopedic market for more than half a century and are in constant demand among users around the world. Every year, the range of products expands, supplementing the range with new models for men, women and children. These are models for closed and open shoes. High-quality natural materials are used for production: leather, wool, cotton, cork, latex. To eliminate unpleasant odors, a special impregnation made of activated carbon is used, it absorbs moisture and prevents the reproduction of harmful microorganisms. Demi-season and winter insoles of the Winter and Alaska and Outdore natural wool series are offered. For summer — the Viva Summer model made of agave fibers and cotton, Viva Sport, Power, Energy and Perfomance are suitable for athletes. Women can choose thin insoles for Siesta, Lady, Comfort and De Luxe model shoes. Sensitive and Gelaxy models are suitable for diabetics. Consumers appreciated the products for their high quality characteristics, and their effectiveness was proven by international experts in the field of orthopedics.

Spannrit insoles (Germany)

The Spannrit company has been specializing in the development of insoles for more than 50 years, the production of which is based on innovative technological achievements in the field of orthopedics. Only environmentally safe, hypoallergenic materials are used for production. Due to their high quality, they do not lose their original properties and keep their shape for a long period of use. At the same time, the company adheres to the principle that the products should have an affordable price, which together with the comfort of use and efficiency make them in demand among users. Buyers appreciated the Sunbed Elegance model, which is thin, despite the frame structure, easily fits into any type of closed shoes. Active people choose the Sunbed Soft latex model, which provides good cushioning. Cork frame insoles with a pronounced peloton of the transverse arch provide stability and support under intensive loads. Sunbed Standard from the bark helps in the prevention of flat feet and leg fatigue.

Dakoma insoles (Poland)

The Polish company Dakoma presents high-quality orthopedic insoles (insoles) at an affordable price on the Ukrainian market. They effectively provide prevention of the most common foot disease — flat feet, and accordingly, prevent its consequences: deformation of the joints, spine, blood circulation disorders and other problems. The Aron Standard VZ model with a plastic frame, a latex pad in the metatarsal zone and under the heel has a leather coating and antibacterial impregnation effectively reduces shock loads. Ortho Axel VZ 3/4 foot insole, due to its shape, makes it possible to use the device in model shoes with a narrow toe. It provides support for the arches, preventing the development of longitudinal-transverse combined flat feet and associated diseases (valgus deformity of the first toe, etc.).

Alps insoles (USA-Ukraine)

The Alps line of orthopedic devices is represented by insoles and semi-insoles on a frame basis. Models for diabetics have also been developed, which have a special coating that prevents chafing, which is important for diabetic foot syndrome. Alps insoles are perhaps the cheapest on the Ukrainian market, while the products are quite capable of competing with foreign counterparts. These are effective devices with a semi-rigid base and a natural leather coating. For people suffering from diabetes, the upper layer of the insole is covered with foamed polyethylene, which provides additional cushioning. Alps insoles differ in strength and quality characteristics.

Foot Care insoles (Ukraine)

Products to provide orthopedic support for the feet, Foot Care are available to all potential buyers, thanks to the low cost and a large selection of products. The company offers leather insoles and half-insoles insoles for adults and children, designed for the prevention and correction of 1-2 degree flat feet. In addition to insoles with a rigid frame insole, models of thin silicone half-insoles for shoes with high heels, leather preventive insoles and half-insoles with a latex insole are produced. Models are made of genuine leather and have antibacterial impregnation and a layer with activated carbon (in some models).

You can choose orthopedic insoles from domestic and foreign manufacturers or order delivery across Ukraine in the «Your Health» chain of stores. All products are certified, which confirms safety and quality.