The upcoming season «autumn-winter 20-21» declares new trends in fashion for women’s shoes, based on the intricacies of stylistic trends. Despite the variety of ideas of designers, the style of the seventies of the twentieth century will be most pronounced in the new models, the elements of which are expressed in shoes with embossed soles, in boots and sneakers on a high platform, as well as in shoes with heels of various architectural forms.

Despite the fact that in the last decade, fashion has been very democratic and does not limit the choice, for those buyers who are guaranteed to want to «be in trend», when looking for a new pair, we recommend paying attention to the following trends for the upcoming autumn-winter season:

  • decorative fur trim;
  • bright colors for shoes for autumn and winter;
  • knee-high boots;
  • decorating shoes with buckles, straps, chains, rivets;
  • silhouette with a narrow or square toe;
  • prints: floral pattern, animalistic, cage and geometry;
  • sole of different types: wedge and platform;

Let’s take a closer look at several trends that bring novelty to the collections of even conservative brands.

Shoes with fur trim and inserts

In the previous season, fur was already used as a trim, but in the coming autumn, fur will decorate almost all kinds of shoes — sneakers, boots, boots and even shoes. In some cases, fur inserts on shoes can be harmoniously combined with predatory prints, lacing and bindings. For the decoration of shoes, fur with a short straight pile or curly, like a lamb, will be used.

Bright shoes autumn-winter

Bright colors will smoothly move from summer to the cold season. Boots, shoes and shoes will be made in the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, purple, blue and light blue. Also, prints on fashionable shoes in an abstract style, with flowers and with a geometric pattern, will stand out brightly.

Knee high boots

The most fashionable boots of the new season are knee-length boots. It was they who gave way to the leading place previously popular over the knee boots. Separately, it is worth noting military-style boots. In the autumn season there will be a lot of not only boots, but also boots with rough hiking soles, but we have to admit that in our climate such creative solutions significantly add comfort to the owners of brutal shoes.

Fashionable shoes with spikes, clasps, chains and studs

The more weaves in the new shoes will be presented, the more fashionable it will be. A variety of straps, lacing, overlays that will draw the eye to the instep and ankle are the hit of the 2020-21 season! In addition, spikes and rivets have returned to fashion, though more miniature than before.

Narrow and square toe

When updating your wardrobe, we recommend taking a closer look at shoes with a narrow toe, which replaced models with a rounded silhouette. A pointed toe in fashionable women’s shoes can be complemented by a stud, as well as a more stable heel. As an alternative to a pointed toe, designers suggest considering a square option. Such shoes may have a more comfortable fit and visually reduce the size of the foot.

Shoes autumn-winter with print

In the new season, floral patterns and even abstract patterns will join predatory prints. Also, designers for shoe decoration widely use checks and other geometric prints, while striving to combine materials of different textures in one model. The result is original models that will draw attention even to the image, which is based on minimalist clothing.

As you can see, the new season will please with a variety of spectacular trends. Among such a variety of shoe options, every fashionista will find her perfect pair, suitable for the wardrobe and emphasizing personal style.