In the spring, when nature wakes up after a winter sleep, you really want to wear something new, unusual! The trends of the spring-summer 2021 season perfectly support the desire to look bright and even extravagant. Sneakers will continue to be the most popular footwear. But the shoes, which have remained in the shadows for several seasons, are beginning to win back their rightful place. Women’s brogues and loafers will retain their confident positions, Cossacks will stay on the catwalks and on the streets for another season. The color palette of the season will be dominated by natural tones:

  • yellow — from sunny to sandy shade,
  • green — ranging from grassy to khaki,
  • blue — in the entire spectrum of the ocean,
  • active red, almost like volcanic lava.

Let’s dwell on the most characteristic trends of the spring season 2021.

Sneakers with a complex sole design

To keep interest in sneakers, designers boldly experiment with the sole. The massive outsole becomes even more complex, optically multifaceted. Technologies that were originally designed to cushion steps are now used as decoration and defiantly exaggerated, as for example in Buffalo sneakers.


Platform shoes

The platform in the new season is present in all types of shoes. If earlier designers used this type of sole for sneakers, boots and shoes, now the platform is found even in loafers, brogues and derbies. The platform can be both with a smooth surface, and with a relief. In the most daring versions of shoes, colored inserts from other materials, and even rhinestones, are added to the platform design.

Square or molded toe

For almost 20 years, the trend for a square cape has not returned to fashion. Last year, the first models of this design began to appear in the collections of women’s shoes. Spring 2021 has adopted this trend and even expanded it. Now you can find many more types of shoes with a square toe than before, which is explained by the convenience and visual compactness of such models. This trend is seen primarily in closed shoes, but we will also see it in the summer assortment.

Pointed Toe Pumps and Flats


Pointed-toe shoes make a woman’s foot look more graceful, which is why pointed-toe shoes are constantly coming back into fashion. In the new season, designers use a pointed design not only for classic high-heeled shoes, but also for ballet flats. At the same time, ballet shoes with a rounded cape also remain relevant.

Wicker and woven shoes

The textiles used to make sneakers become more airy and 3-D. The real hit of the season is shoes with a textile upper made of quilted fabric.

Various inserts appear in the shoes, reminiscent of homemade crochet in texture. Sometimes you can find shoes, the upper part of which is woven from thick threads or leather strips based on the macrame technique. Such models look as if they were made in the workshop by hand.

From season to season, trends change, but the common thing is that fashion does not dictate specific silhouettes and colors, but only offers to choose from a variety of interesting ideas. In the Soho network and on the website this shop you will find new items for the spring season 2021, reflecting the main fashion trends