Swatch watches - an overview of the best models of the Swiss brand

Swatch watches are another successful project of the Swiss watch industry. The high quality of watches in combination with a low price cannot go unnoticed and has its own army of fans. Such watches are focused on any age, class and income thanks to a variety of design options.

Swiss watch Swatch

Swatch Swiss watches originate in 1983. At a time when Swiss production is relegated to the background by Japanese concerns, it becomes necessary to introduce a new brand that can outshine the major watchmakers. Swatch’s concept is to replace the standard 100-piece internal movements with half as many and cut costs, and use the energy to develop an extraordinary external design that will save Swiss production in a time of crisis.

The watch had an 80% cheaper assembly cost and was different from other expensive Swiss manufacturers. To promote the brand, the best marketers were hired and fabulous money was spent on advertising, and huge 165-meter Swatch chronometers were hung on skyscrapers to introduce them to the Japanese, Spanish and German markets. Thanks to stunning advertising and striking designs, collectors began to stare at the brand to get their hands on new unique accessories.

The brand was developed mainly for young people, so sponsorship lists were carefully compiled. Swatch have become sponsors of all kinds of sports, snowboarding, skiing, volleyball and street dance competitions. Prices for the first models did not exceed $50 and even teenagers could afford them, and youthful design was a hallmark for the rebellious spirit of young people.


Swatch watches — how to distinguish a fake

Swatch Swiss women’s watches are very popular with fake manufacturers. The price for these watches is not high, but the demand is huge and unscrupulous manufacturers profit from this. In order not to make a mistake when choosing the original, you need to understand how the original looks and what features are not taken into account when copying them:

  1. The official representative must provide, along with the chronometer, the original packaging, multilingual instructions and a warranty card. It is better to purchase such a watch in a company store, then the buyer will receive a lifetime warranty for maintenance, replacement of damaged parts and worn out elements.
  2. The appearance of the watch must correspond to the copy displayed on the official website: the inscriptions are clear, the letters are of the same size, the marks are symmetrical.
  3. All brand lines are waterproof, and fakes often lack this advantage.
  4. When making the original, high-quality materials are used, whether it be leather, silicone or metal.
  5. The seams on a Swiss watch made of leather or textile should be even, without flaws and protruding threads.

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How much do Swatch watches cost?

How much does a Swatch Swiss watch cost? Each model of this watch is unique, unsurpassed and perfect. These watches are in an affordable price segment, they can be purchased by both wealthy people and people with an average income. Despite the universal availability, the watch has a truly renowned Swiss quality and will serve faithfully for more than one year. Watch prices vary by model and design:

  1. Swatch Originals. Classic watches, depending on the color and pattern, cost about $70-100.
  2. Skin. For the thinnest watch, you will have to pay a little more. For silicone and leather watches, prices are $130-150, and for a metal case and bracelet, from $150 to $200.
  3. Pop Swatch. A watch with a fun, playful design will cost $100, but will allow you to create an incredible immediate image.
  4. Chrono. A multifunctional chronometer is not cheap and you will have to pay $250-300 for it.
  5. Scuba. Watches aimed at athletes and scuba divers are available for purchase for $100-120.
  6. irony. Prices for these watches start at $130 and sometimes reach thousands for rare, exclusive models.
  7. digital touch. A simple digital touch screen watch costs about $130-150. And models with more features start at $200.


Swatch women’s watches

Swatch watches have been constantly changed, improved and supplemented since the moment of their release. Modernization of watches takes place throughout the entire period of the brand’s existence. There was a fruity, flavored, and transparent collection. What lines is the brand ready to boast of today:

  1. Swatch Originals. A classic of the brand in a thin plastic case, different configurations and shapes.
  2. Skin. A watch that entered the Guinness Book of Records, having the thinnest case in the world, the thickness of which does not exceed four millimeters.
  3. Pop Swatch. They have a removable dial that can be attached to clothing and accessories.
  4. Chrono. They are distinguished by the presence of a stopwatch.
  5. Scuba. A watch designed for scuba diving to a depth of 200 meters.
  6. irony. Conservative chronometers in a metal case, quartz or mechanical with automatic winding.
  7. Bijoux. Collaboration with the Swarovski brand for the realization of a jewelry collection.
  8. digital touch. They have a touch screen and the function of changing the backlight of the screen for reading.

Swatch mechanical watch

Women’s watches Swatch on the mechanics have a number of advantages. They are more resilient, not afraid of bumps and falls. Mechanical watches are easy to repair, it is possible to replace the damaged part with a new one. Watches purchased in branded stores will be repaired free of charge, because they have a lifetime warranty. Mechanical watches run on batteries and need to be replaced periodically. And the disadvantages of mechanical Swatch include their loud ticking, although you quickly get used to it.


Swatch Irony watch

Women’s watch Swatch Irony — the most extensive collection with more than 100 models. They are mainly made in metal, but there are specimens with silicone, leather, textile straps. Often this line is made more feminine, using bright colors, encrusting watches with Swarovski crystals. Such a chronometer will serve as an excellent accessory both in a business image and in everyday life, it all depends on the chosen model. The owner of such trendy watches will definitely be noticed and appreciated for her impeccable taste.


Swatch electronic watch

Swatch smartwatches are being actively developed by the brand. The first models of electronic smart watches, synchronized with the phone and the possibility of contactless payment, have already been presented. Now the concern is actively developing a battery that will provide hours of uninterrupted operation for six months. Now a similar accessory of competing companies works without recharging for a maximum of three days, so the Swatch idea will become a real revolution in the world of smart watches. The design of such products will be slightly different from the usual analog chronometers, and will have a rectangular shape.


Slim Swatch

Swatch’s thinnest watch topped the list of world’s thinnest watches. The width of this accessory is only 3.9 millimeters. On the hands of such watches are not felt, they are very light and weightless, and the stylish design is simply pleasing to the eye. This ultra-thin watch is a perfectionist’s paradise, perfect in every way. For the manufacture of high-quality silicone, plastic. Despite the external elegance, such watches are very durable and resistant to damage. Only Swatch can create an accessory with such appearance and quality.


White Swatch Women’s Watch

The white Swatch watch is the epitome of tenderness, purity and grace. Universal color fell in love with the ability to use with any clothing. They fit perfectly into any style and image. All-white Swatch looks stylish without eye-catching numbers and dial. Snow-white chronometers with bright details, strokes and stripes look no less trendy. Swatch likes to show off the watch’s internal mechanism by painting it in transparent white silicone. The numbers in the white chronometer look good in contrasting dark and bright colors or gold.


Transparent watch Swatch

Swatch women’s skeleton watches in a transparent case made a splash among watch brands. Innovative stylish design reflects all internal mechanisms that are not covered with plastic, but covered only. For a more stylish appearance, the mechanism is decorated with different colors, covered with gold or silver. The strap is made in the same style of silicone, and the only accent in such watches is the mechanism, as if floating in the air, or it is made of leather and metal, which go well with the “bare” design and make them more interesting and extraordinary.


Swatch Women’s Gold Watch

Swatch gold watches are available in many lines. Designers of the brand skillfully combine different techniques in one product. The combination of gold and steel is a traditional classic, gold with transparent silicone that decorates the case looks much more interesting. In Swatch watches, there are gold inserts on the strap in the form of plates or textiles woven into a metal bracelet. A full gold watch looks rich and elegant, will fit into a business, casual and even festive look and will stylishly complement any outfit.


Waterproof Swatch

Swatch brand watches of all collections have excellent water resistance. This is the main distinguishing feature of the original from a low-quality copy, because part of this feature is not taken into account when creating a counterfeit. Any watch of this brand is not afraid of domestic contact with water, it perfectly tolerates washing dishes, cleaning, washing and bathing. There are special models purposefully created for scuba diving, designed to dive to a depth of 200 meters. The waterproof function does not affect the appearance of the product in any way and does not simplify it in any way.


Swatch quartz watch

A black Swatch watch with a quartz movement is almost eternal. Such watches are wear-resistant, do not require constant changing of batteries, and have a long service life. However, in all the advantages of the quartz movement there are pitfalls. If any part in the watch fails, it will be problematic to change it. Also, quartz is very fragile and does not withstand serious blows. In all other respects, such watches only win over mechanical ones. The design of a watch for a quartz movement has no boundaries and limits, it depends only on the imagination of the virtuoso masters of Swatch.


Swatch sports watches

Women’s sports watch Swatch can be both arrow and electronic. Sports models suggest a concise design. Colors are used in a variety of ways, based on personal preferences. But the design with rhinestones in sports chronometers will not be very appropriate. Not superfluous for professional athletes will be models with a stopwatch. The electronic touch watch is the most suitable option for sports, it has a stylish square case and additional features that will come in handy in the gym.


Swatch strap

Smart watches Swatch suggest a replaceable strap. This is a very convenient solution, because each time you change the strap, the design changes and instead of one accessory, you get several. Straps for Swatch are directly available, they can be purchased from official dealers and on websites. You can buy several different straps in basic and bright colors at once, from different materials and change them according to your mood and overall look. Under the colored dial, the strap is selected in a monophonic, contrasting or with a pattern that goes well with the color of the display.


Bracelet for Swatch

The Swiss women’s watch Swatch looks especially feminine and sophisticated with a gold or silver bracelet. And if you have several options for interchangeable parts at hand, then not a single girl can resist the temptation to show off every time with a new watch. From a variety of options for bracelets, you can create a whole collection, where there will be Milanese weaving, and a traditional watch bracelet in a single color or combined with white metal or leather. The main advantage of the bracelet is its versatility, because it is good both in a sporty and in a festive way.


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