Sports caps

Headwear is an indispensable attribute of the summer set. Romantic girls choose wide-brimmed hats, practical ones choose bandanas, and active and energetic girls choose sports caps. Initially, they began to be used by baseball players, from which they got their traditional name “baseball caps”. Players wore them in order to protect their eyes from bright sunlight and hide their gaze from opponents. Later, fashionable caps with a perfectly straight visor began to be worn by representatives of the hip-hoper movement. Today, caps are worn by everyone, both women and men, and athletes and musicians.

Types of women’s sports caps

In principle, all hats have a similar design, and differ only in color and some small details (fastening method, type of visor). But each sports brand has its own line of caps that have some features. Here is some of them:

  1. Adidas women’s caps. Represented by plain headwear, decorated with the brand name of the Adidas company (three stripes). The heart of flowers is dominated by pink, white, purple.
  2. Women’s Nike cap. The brand’s collection contains several interesting caps, but still they are not enough to satisfy the needs of all women. Nike women’s caps have a laconic design and are not decorated with additional prints and patches. The brand logo must be indicated on the side or in the middle of the product.
  3. Women’s Reebok caps. This sports brand has given caps a little more attention than anyone else and created a collection of colored caps. The range includes caps in green, yellow, lilac, red and black.
  4. Vans women’s caps. The products of this brand are perhaps the brightest and most interesting. All baseball caps are decorated with bright stripes and prints. In addition, the back of the cap is made in the form of a mesh, which provides good air conditioning in the summer heat.