Shopping fun with EMU Australia

Not every mother can handle shopping with a child, especially when the baby is not in the spirit and wants to play, and not contemplate the shelves with goods. Almost all parents are faced with a similar situation. The designers of the Australian brand EMU Australia offered their solution to this problem. With their light hand, a shopping visit will no longer be stressful for all family members.

The EMU Australia children’s footwear collection engages young shoppers in fun play with various animals and birds from the Little Creatures children’s footwear line. This line is present in the autumn-winter collection in the form of boots made of soft Australian sheepskin, and sandals made of genuine leather are produced for the summer season. In the imagination of kids, shoes appear as a funny toy created with the help of applications depicting animals, birds, fish. These designs are applied to the upper part of the shoe, and in some cases are complemented by decorative elements, such as a ponytail, like a fox or a mane, like a unicorn.

emu-2.jpg emu-3.jpg

EMU Australia offers a variety of designs for girls and boys to transform into: cubs, sheep, lions, sharks, owls and even ladybugs look bright and create a special mood for a walk. The children are happy to come up with stories about the characters depicted on their shoes.

Children of star parents also love to transform with the help of EMU Australia. For example, Suri Cruise appeared in public in the image of a «ladybug», in which she used boots from the brand EMU Australia.

EMU Australia shoes are loved not only by the children of famous parents, but the stars themselves, such as Oprah Winfrey and Kim Kardashian, wear shoes from the Australian brand. Therefore, an important direction in the collections of EMU Australia is the creation of the same models of shoes for children and adults. This trend has also become a fun entertainment during a joint trip of mom and daughter for shopping.


Creative design, combined with high quality workmanship and the use of natural materials, makes the brand’s collections attractive to demanding customers. You can find children’s shoes from EMU Australia with funny animal prints on our website.