bugatti fashion is a German quality clothing and footwear brand whose history dates back to 1928, when Johann Müller, grandfather of current owner and chairman Tim T. Müller, founded the «Werkstatt Johann Müller für Maßschuhe» (custom shoe workshop). In the future, the company began to bear the name Astor-Mueller, which still operates in the shoe industry.


Already one shoe name from the brand Bugatti says a lot. This is not only an excellent sense of style, but also amazing comfort for those who appreciate it.

Designers position Bugatti shoes as a special direction for people who have reached a certain standard of living. It not only looks expensive and elegant, but also surprises with affordable prices.

TRENDS Fall-Winter 2021/2022

Rough leather boots, beloved by many fashionistas, remain among the main trends of the autumn-winter season for several seasons. The secret of their popularity lies in their comfort and coolness, borrowed from the underground culture. Today, these boots are a real hybrid of recent years: not only black, but also colored, with a metallic effect, with or without a lock, with lacing.

The main hit from the catwalks are rough boots combined with a romantic dress with a floral print or made of taffeta and multi-layered tulle.


A good addition to these boots would be black tights, a mini dress (silk, tweed or even leather), a work suit, an oversized sweater, and jeans.

In the women’s collection Bugatti trendy tractor-soled boots with lacing are distinguished by their lightness. Technology Genial Light and the use of original and high quality sole materials make these shoes super light.


With shoes Bugattiyou can create a lot of fashionable images, but at the same time feel incredible comfort.

The sensational boots with a mini-bag on the shaft deserve special attention.

At the end of last year, the fashion house Prada as part of the autumn-winter 2019/2020 collection show, presented the model Monolith with a detachable mini bag on the side, which became the best seller of 2020.


Bugatti is not only fashion and beauty, but also convenience and comfort. That is why many, even the most trendy models with mini-bags on the side, are made using technology Soft fitwhich cannot but please even the most active fashionistas.


Timeless classics of the fall season are Chelsea boots that go with almost any look. Both classic models and options with thick soles or heels are relevant. They look great with dresses, jeans, and dress pants.

Chelsea Design Bugatti took into account such a topical tractor sole this season, but also did not forget about femininity, the embodiment of which is the model Amila.

Confidently keep in the fall-winter 2021-2022 trends warm high-top sneakers with thick soles, as well as casual urban sneakers. This season it’s time to take a break from flashy sneakers with neon accents and accent details. Laconic models with a neutral design and in basic shades that do not attract too much attention are in fashion.

All kinds of high-top sneakers lined with faux or natural fur, as well as sheepskin like the brand, are relevant. CHLOÉ.


Casual urban sneakers are a great alternative to fall boots.

Incredibly light autumn sneakers Bugatti on a high sole EVAwhich will perfectly retain heat, is ideal for autumn walks and active pastime even in bad weather.

If shoes Bugatti not yet in your wardrobe, now is the time to get to know her: from September 24 to October 7, 2021. in SOHO stores there is a promotion «Bugatti Weeks», where you can buy shoes of this brand with -30% discounts.