Have you ever thought that shoes can tell a lot about your personality? The color, model, cost and condition of shoes can describe the condition of a person and reveal his personality characteristics. We are not talking about a full-fledged psychological analysis, but some really significant details can be determined.

Paying attention to the clothes and shoes of a person, one can determine his social status, gender, ethnicity, interests and profession.

There are signs, noticing which, people immediately understand what kind of person is in front of them. For example, expensive shoes tend to belong to people with high incomes. Bright shoes are worn by real extroverts. There are, on the contrary, completely implicit signs. Practical and functional shoes are chosen by pleasant people. Discreet shoes will be chosen by those who try not to stand out from the crowd. Neat and pedantic people cannot afford to leave the house in dirty shoes, so they always have them well polished.

By the type of shoes, you can also make a characterization of a person.

Coming to the store for a new pair of shoes, the first thing we pay attention to is the color of the shoes. It has long been known that color affects our psyche. The choice of shoe color is highly dependent on the mood at which the purchase occurs.

Colors can be divided into two types: bright and dark.

Lovers of bright colors love to be the center of attention. If you have bright shoes, most likely you are a creative and emotional person.

Those who choose dark shades are cautious and prudent personalities. Well-groomed dark shoes are preferred by strong people who trust only reason and logic.

To tell about the personality of a person, the style of his shoes can also. This classification is divided into two types:

Psychologists have long noticed the connection between a person’s shoes and his personal qualities. We are sure that after reading this article, you were able to notice that shoes are a reflection of your personality. In our SOHO store you will be able to choose shoes according to your temperament. The diversity of the assortment will help you express yourself and show the world who you really are.