Shoe labeling - buyer's assistant

In the 1990s, the market for fakes in the field of clothing and footwear was actively developing. It was a common practice to put a fake logo of a well-known brand on handicraft products. Gradually, buyers began to forget about clothing markets, but fakes still remained. Now they can often be found in Instagram stores.

But there is good news: from July 1, 2020, every pair of shoes must be marked, and from January 1, 2021, clothes must also be marked. From 2024, it is planned to introduce requirements for mandatory labeling of all types of goods that will be presented on store shelves.

The presence of marking on the product is evidence of its original origin and high quality. By installing the Honest Sign application on your phone, it becomes possible to check the originality of products through a special code. The Honest Sign portal provides data on what operations were performed with the goods and the history of the movement of the goods from the moment it was created:

  • After the shoes are made by the manufacturing company, a code is applied to the packaging.
  • The manufacturer sends a universal transfer document (UTD) to the distributor at the time of shipment, which contains information about the marking codes of this lot.
  • Upon receipt of the goods, the distributor checks the labels on the packaging with the data of the document. The document is usually signed with an electronic signature, after which the batch is written off from the manufacturer’s balance.
  • When a store purchases shoes from a distributor, it is mandatory to provide a UPD with subsequent verification of the data and the signature of the document.
  • After the sale of shoes in the store, the buyer receives a check, and information about the product sold and the marking code is transferred to state regulatory authorities, followed by write-off from the trade organization. After that, it is considered that the products are excluded from its circulation.

If the goods are marked, then this is a guarantee that the buyer is purchasing products of legal origin. This allows you to effectively fight counterfeit goods, protect the market from the supply of counterfeit shoes of well-known brands.

Unmarked goods simply cannot be sold through a retail network, because the sales receipt must have a sale mark. If the label is not read during the implementation, then the product cannot be paid for and, accordingly, purchased.

Having studied the marking label, the buyer will be able to find out absolutely everything about the characteristics of the shoes, moreover, from an independent and uninterested source in the sale.

When buying shoes in the SOHO store, you can be sure of the legal origin of the shoes: each item in our assortment is marked. With us you will become the owner of high-quality and original shoes of famous brands!