In SOHO, the new name is the American shoe brand Scholl.

Scholl is a premium brand and is celebrating its 122nd anniversary this year. Scholl’s founder, Dr. William Matthias Scholl, is an American businessman and physician, a pioneer in foot care products and comfortable footwear that follows the anatomy of the foot.
The history of the brand began in Chicago in 1899. Dr. Scholl set himself the difficult task of creating shoes that combine unsurpassed comfort, technology and fashion. His first shoe collection, designed to fit the anatomy of the foot, appeared in the early 1920s.

Today, the Scholl shoe brand is known far beyond the US. Scholl’s innovations and technologies ensure every pair has a perfect fit, high quality, timeless style and durability.

“Fashion and functionality have always been our main concern, so we create great shoes that are stylish and comfortable, while using sustainable materials and taking care of our planet” — this is how the company defines its mission.
The company offers a range of 5 shoe lines under the Scholl brand, each with a unique comfort and support system.

Scholl iconic: comfort of the highest class

The iconic Scholl Original Sandal wooden sandal has become a cult favorite of many fashion and show business celebrities. William Scholl created them in the 60s. Scholl Original Sandals are called Haute Comfort (similar to Haute Couture) because they are the perfect combination of comfort and high-end style.

Over the years, all Hollywood beauties — from Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy to Renee Zellweger and Sarah Jessica Parker — consider one of the key cult models Scholl Pescura must have in their wardrobe, appreciate its comfort, attractiveness and versatility.

In its assortment, the brand also highlights the lines:

School comfort: a wide selection of comfortable shoes for active and not so active recreation — mules, sneakers and sandals that create maximum comfort for the feet.

Scholl comfort+: the comfort of your life
When creating the line, the results of research by orthopedic doctors were used. The shoes are aimed at customers with problematic feet who need extra support and cushioning while walking.

Scholl professional: shoes for work
Special technologies and impeccable functionality are the main characteristics of the line, created for industry professionals — for medical professionals, for hospitality industry workers and others.

Scholl KIDS: comfort for children’s feet
The line provides maximum comfort and stability for little explorers’ feet from their very first steps. Children can spend all day running, jumping and playing in high-quality Scholl shoes without getting tired of children’s feet.

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