Rado watches - a combination of Swiss quality and fashionable design

Rado Swiss watches are the embodiment of self-confidence. The highest quality of the movement, modern stylish and daring design made the brand famous and popular in all countries of the world. Rado is increasingly chosen by strong and self-confident people who have their own style and are not afraid of experiments.

Swiss watch Rado

The Rado watch company was founded in 1970 in Lengnau and was called Schlup & Co. It was created by the three brothers Fritz, Ernest and Wenger in their parents’ home. In 1948, a large modern building for the production of watches was built next to the house. Since 1948, Paul Luhte began to work in the company, who gradually took over full control over production, and in the same year the first wrist watch called Rado saw the world.

From 1957 to 1962, Rado watches actively conquered sales markets in South America and the Far East, during the same period, the production of a collection of watches called «Horse» began, which are water-resistant to a depth of 120 meters, a new series «Gazelle» followed a little later. , whose name symbolized speed. In 1960, the watch logo was approved — a floating anchor, which is the hallmark of the brand to this day.

Swiss watch RadoSwiss watches Rado ideas

The real success came to the company in 10962, when the first watch of the DiaStar series saw the world — an oval-shaped model, which was made of very hard, reliable materials and was one hundred percent scratch resistant. The DiaStar series attracted huge attention from the world market, by 1987 over 1.5 million of these watches had been sold.

Swiss watches Rado fashionSwiss watch Rado

For a long time, Rado watches were known as one of the brands under the wing of the Swatch trademark, but new collections regularly came out into the world, attracting great attention of the world market with their high quality and the use of new technologies. Thanks to this, the manufacturer became more and more famous. Today, Rado watches are popular all over the world due to the highest performance of the mechanism and very stylish modern design variations of the models.

Swiss watch Rado designSwiss watch Rado options

Rado watches — how to distinguish an original from a fake?

The world-famous Rado Swiss watches are distinguished by their stylish, strong, sophisticated design and impeccable quality of the mechanism. Often people who opt for this brand tend to emphasize their high social status, while the price of products is far from budgetary, and often among expensive accessories there are fakes that can be extremely difficult to distinguish from the original.

Rado watches - how to distinguish an original from a fakeRado watches - how to distinguish an original from a fake design

In order to distinguish an original Rado watch from a fake, it is important to take into account several points:

  1. Guarantee. Along with the watch, the seller must provide you with a certificate of quality and a warranty card with the serial number of the model, the address of the store and the date of purchase. Please note that the coupon has a stamp of the store. If at least one of these points is missing, you are dealing with a fake.
  2. Package. Rado watches must be in the original packaging made of high-quality genuine leather, without scratches or other nuances. At the bottom of the branded box, the serial number of the watch and the date of production should be indicated.
  3. Clock face. Considering the watch case, you should be extremely careful — it must be perfect, all small details are accurate and even. The original model uses a sapphire crystal that doesn’t lend itself to scuffs or scratches — if you see these kinds of nuances, it’s a fake.
  4. Bracelet. It is made of the same material as the body, it should also not have any scuffs or scratches. If it is a coated model, the coating of the original is uniform, in the case when it is thinner at the edges, then this is a replica.
  5. The weight. Genuine Rado watches are heavy, while replicas tend to be much lighter. This is especially true for ceramic models.
  6. Rado watches - how to distinguish an original from a fake design

There are nuances by which you can distinguish the original from the fake, after the purchase. For example, a battery in a quartz movement — in the original watch, it is designed for continuous operation for 2-4 years. If it runs out of power in your watch after a month, then you have been sold a replica. It is important to remember that manufacturers of copies of expensive accessories are constantly improving, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish them from the original. Therefore, if you want to one hundred percent insure yourself against buying a fake, it is better to purchase watches in a company store or from authorized dealers.

Rado watches - how to distinguish an original from a fake styleRado watches - how to distinguish an original from a fake style

How much does a Rado watch cost?

Another important point by which you can determine whether the model is the original is the cost. A real Swiss Rado watch cannot cost less than 5-6 thousand dollars, and this is the price of the simplest and most modest models from an official representative. In many models, precious metals and stones are used, so their price is many times higher. The most expensive Rado watch currently costs around $50,000.

How much does a Rado watch cost?How much does a Rado watch cost

Women’s watch Rado

If you need an accessory that will fully emphasize your individuality and sense of style, then Rado women’s watch is what you need. The main advantage of the brand is the highest quality of the movement and its accuracy, regardless of whether it is a mechanical model or a quartz one. For the manufacture of heavy-duty materials are used, making the watch resistant to shock, scratches, water ingress.

Women's watch RadoWomen's watch Rado fashion

It is important to note another important component — this is the aesthetic side. The design of Rado women’s watches is distinguished by a very stylish and discreet minimalism. Every detail is thought out to the smallest detail with Swiss precision, and each watch looks very elegant and elegant. The most popular case shape is round, but other options are also relevant — rectangular, square, oval.

Women's watch Rado design

Women’s watch Rado ceramics

In recent years, Rado ceramic watches have become especially popular, featuring a very stylish modern design. The main highlight of the design is the bracelet, which is a continuation of the case. Rado ceramic watches are available in two color options:

  • white;
  • Women's watch Rado ceramics

  • black.
  • Women's watch Rado ceramics black

If ceramic watches from other manufacturers are very light in weight, this cannot be said about the Rado brand — very high-quality and wear-resistant materials with an impressive mass are used to manufacture the movement, so this accessory cannot be called light. The advantage of ceramic watches is that the material fully adjusts to body temperature, creating a feeling of comfort.

Women's watch Rado ceramics fashionWomen's watch Rado ceramics style

Rado Gold Watch

If you need an accessory that emphasizes your high social status as much as possible, then the Rado watch brand with gold can be an ideal option. Precious metal can be used both for the manufacture of the entire body and for its decor, and the cost of the thing directly depends on this. The design of Rado gold watches is a discreet and very elegant minimalism.

Rado Gold WatchGold watch Rado fashion

Rado women’s watch with diamonds

Lovers of luxury accessories will certainly appreciate the magnificent and high-status Rado women’s watch with diamonds. They can be used both in small quantities, for example, to indicate numbers, and for a catchy stylish decor. Even taking into account the use of expensive stones, Rado watches with diamonds are designed in strict minimalism. The design of the accessory can be different — a classic in a silver or gold case, interesting skeletons, or elegant black ceramics.

Rado women's watch with diamondsWomen's watch Rado with diamonds ideas

Rado mechanical watch

Rado wristwatches are distinguished by the highest precision of the mechanism, especially when it comes to the unchanging classics — mechanics. Regardless of the design, this version of the watch costs more than quartz, the main bonus is that you do not have to deal with the issue of changing the battery. But even mechanical watches have their drawbacks, which are significant for many — this is the need to wind them regularly. Many models are equipped with an automatic winding function from the arbitrary movement of the hand when walking.

Rado mechanical watchesRado mechanical watch fashion

Rado quartz watch

A more popular and budget option is the Rado wrist watch with a quartz movement. The device of such watches is simpler than mechanics, so their cost is much lower. The accuracy, quality and design of quartz watches is no lower, and the original battery, which is built into the watch, works continuously for 2-4 years. The bonus is that there is no need to start the mechanism.

Rado quartz watchQuartz watch Rado style

Rado watches on a magnet

One of the novelties that has managed to gain wide popularity among girls is the Rado wristwatch on a magnetic strap, which looks very stylish and modern. A significant bonus is the absence of a clasp, which could cause inconvenience — the magnet will fix the watch well on the wrist in less than a second. Many people have concerns about this model, whether they will fall off their hands while walking. You can be sure that such a risk is completely eliminated if your accessory is original — the magnet fixes the bracelet firmly and securely.

Rado watches on a magnetRado watch on magnet style

Rado white watch

One of the advantages of the Rado watch manufacturer is a modern design that adapts to fashion trends. One of the models that turned out to be at the peak of popularity was Rado women’s ceramic watches, designed in the style of strict minimalism or hi-tech. There are no numbers on such watches, and on many models there are even markings, sophisticated black hands. The dial can be of any shape — round, rectangular, oval. White ceramic watches perfectly match any wardrobe, especially they look in tandem with black clothes.

Rado watches on a magnetWhite watch Rado style

Rado Black Women’s Watch

Another option that has gained immense popularity among fans is the Rado ceramic Swiss watch in black, designed in austere elegance. The laconic sophisticated design will perfectly emphasize your excellent sense of style and will easily fit into any wardrobe of a modern woman. Black ceramic watches with luxurious finishes using gold or precious stones look catchy.

Rado Black Women's WatchBlack women's watch Rado fashion

Women’s watch Rado Jubile

The most status and elite series of this manufacturer, which stands out from the general assortment, can be called the Rado Jubilee watch, which is decorated with gold or diamond placers. The design of this series differs little from other models — the same discreet minimalism, laconic decor, emphasizing the elegance of female taste. Rado Jubile watches cost at least $10,000, so be careful — if you are offered this model at a lower price, it is most likely a replica.

Women's watch Rado JubileWomen's watch Rado Jubile design

Rado Integral watch

Rado watches of the Integral series are distinguished by a sophisticated and creative design, a feature of which is a strict and elegant rectangular dial firm. The style of the models remains unchanged — strict and sophisticated minimalism. The Rado Integral watch is a quartz watch model with a steel case that looks very stylish and easily fits into any image of a modern woman.

Rado Integral watchRado Integral watch model

Women’s watch Rado Diastar

The Rado Diastar women’s watch has become a legendary model of the Swiss manufacturer, which brought him worldwide fame. The first watch of this series was released in 1962 — it was an oval model, the case of which was made of high-strength metal and sapphire glass, which is superhard. Thanks to these properties, the watch was one hundred percent resistant to scuffs and scratches. The mechanism was reliably protected by the body from shock and moisture.

Women's watch Rado Diastar

The first watch models of 1962 Rado Diastar had an oval-shaped dial, while the modern design is more diverse, with the use of various kinds of decorative elements, while it is designed in the same elegant minimalism. Now the most popular design option for this watch model is a medium-sized round dial case, thin golden hands and neat markings of numbers.

Women's watch Rado Diastar style

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