Premiere of the autumn-winter collection of shoes Gant

Designers of the Gant brand drew inspiration from urban landscapes and the beauty of the surrounding nature when creating the new collections of shoes for the fall-winter 2020-21 season. They carefully observed the preferences in the wardrobe of the townspeople during weekdays and when they travel. The result of these observations materialized in three themes of the current shoe collection:

The first theme is «Outdoors». Shoes, united by this theme, are intended for those who have recently returned from vacation, but are not yet ready to part with a relaxed state and a romantic mood. In this case, the city dwellers continue to use hiking boots and fit them into their modern office look, going to work every morning. Maybe it’s time to go to the countryside and take a walk through the beautiful autumn forest? As you walk through the first snow, you’ll appreciate the durability and warmth of the Gant high boots.

The next topic is “Urban routes”. Sneakers are the main representative of this theme. It is in them that it is most comfortable to study city routes and move in the rhythm of everyday affairs. The key colors of the models of this theme are dark olive, natural beige and blue. Pairing soothing colors with bright «pop colors» such as yellow, hot pink, orange and red achieves a novelty effect. For a more elegant urban wardrobe, Gant designers have offered shoes in matte or glossy leather, or even reptile embossed leather. Traditionally, the collection includes sneakers made of soft leather and silky suede combined with nylon. An important novelty in the women’s collection of the brand was the use of quilted nylon, as well as the combination of wool and flannel with suede or leather in one product.

«Wonderful Rest» is the third theme of the season. In this theme, Gant designers managed to please fans of the brand with preppy models in a new interpretation. Changes have been made to the upper materials and the outsole design, which has become thicker and has a more powerful profile. Models from this theme use smoother and oiled leather, and the lining comfortably insulates the shoes, as it is made from 100% wool. Key colors of the theme are all shades of nature, such as natural chestnut, deep brown, dark olive and black. Shoes from this theme look great against the backdrop of colorful autumn landscapes.

Traditionally, when creating Gant collections, special attention is paid to environmental issues and social responsibility. To that end, the new collection features women’s and men’s running shoes with uppers made from recycled ocean plastics and soles made from recycled materials.

In general, the new autumn-winter Gant collection successfully combined newfangled trends and classic features inherent in the brand, and turned out to be both recognizable and fresh.