SOHO stores have new additions: Richter children’s footwear brand has joined our friendly team.

The history of this brand begins in 1893 in the small Austrian town of Linz, where Wenzel and Theresia Richter opened a small family shoe workshop. Their son Ferdinand was supposed to continue the family business, but due to the political situation in the world and the Second World War, he was only able to take over the management in 1945.

Ferdinand was a hardworking person, thanks to which, by 1980, the brand gained its former fame and was imported to many European countries, and even to the USSR. The head of the company understood that the popularity of his shoes directly depends on relevance and comfort. He invested a lot of money in the study and development of new technologies. To this day, orthopedists take part in the creation of new models, who bring their knowledge and experience to create the perfect shoes for children. The Richter assortment includes shoes not only with arch support, but also with a rigid heel, a special shape of the sole, the correct length and fullness.

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Every child is different; even having the same length of the foot, its width may differ. To provide parents with the opportunity to buy suitable shoes, Richter released three types of foot width: S (narrow), M (medium), W (wide).

One of the features of the Richter range is a wide range of sizes. There are models from 17 to 42 sizes, they are divided into different age categories:

  • for newborns;
  • for preschool children and elementary school students;
  • for schoolchildren;
  • for teenagers.

  • A distinctive feature of some shoe models is simple and patented fastening mechanisms. They allow the child to put on and take off shoes effortlessly: no need to lift, pull, tie anything, you just need to turn the clasp! This is a very simple and convenient feature, especially for young children who have not yet learned how to tie their shoelaces.

    Richter uses only the highest quality materials that have been officially tested and have achieved quality standards. Back in 1970, Richter, together with the Austrian Association of Orthopedists, the Medical University of Vienna and the shoe industry, pioneered the first large-scale measurement of children’s feet in Europe. Thanks to this, a new quality mark was introduced for children’s shoes that are comfortable for small feet.

    Richter shoes have high breathability, because the density of sweat glands in the feet of children is whiter and this can lead to an unpleasant odor. For children’s shoes, breathable materials are especially important.
    Richter pays special attention to the ecology of our planet. It is increasingly using eco and biodegradable materials. Wood from sustainable forests, natural wool or eco-friendly soles made from natural corn fibers: all these products are particularly skin-friendly, chromium-free, non-toxic, anti-allergic and breathable.

    For many decades, Richter has been producing only high-quality, comfortable and beautiful children’s shoes. We are glad that this brand of footwear is now presented in the online store and in SOHO stores (SEC «Afimall», RIO Dmitrovka in Moscow and SEC «Centrum» in Simferopol).