Today, fashion trends allow us to look not only stylish, but also feel comfortable at the same time. Most often, for a similar purpose, girls borrow things from the men’s wardrobe, for example, high and rough lace-up boots. Initially, these shoes gained their popularity since the First World War, and they were intended for the military at the front. However, such a model was relatively short in length, and it was very difficult to protect the legs in such boots from external adverse factors. A little later, models appeared that reached the knee in length: they protected not only from dampness, but also from injuries, which eventually made it possible to gain popularity among the civilian population.
Modern shoes with laces are so diverse that they can suit absolutely everyone and for every taste. The design of the model, the color and height of the boots – their huge range surprises today!
Black color is always a classic, and a rough massive sole will definitely make the look more stylish and daring. Pepe Jeans London patent leather lace-up boots are suitable for almost any outfit. One has only to put on a dress for them, and the image will sparkle with bright and bold colors!


In an alternative version, a model of Clarks high boots made of genuine leather is presented. These are the shoes that will become an indispensable attribute of your wardrobe for everyday life, and long walks around the city will not allow you to overcool thanks to the insulation in the shoes.


We also advise you to pay attention to another model of Clarks boots made of genuine leather, which will definitely not leave you indifferent!


It’s no secret that with the onset of cold weather and gray weather, you want bright and warm colors. Bugatti high boots in beige will add contrast to your look, making it refreshed and fresh against the backdrop of even the gloomiest days. And for lovers of classic high and dark boots, we offer you a model in black.

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For the most severe frosts, we suggest paying attention to EMU Australia boots. Natural leather material, as well as wool inside, will allow you to actively spend time outdoors, staying warm and comfortable for a long time.


As you have already noticed, lace-up boots have many positive characteristics, some of which are:
• Convenience. In this shoe model, it will not be difficult to walk all day at work or walk around the city;
• Practicality. Lace-up boots can go with almost any look, they are ideal for both cloudy cold days and sunny ones;
• Stylish appearance. Despite borrowing such a model of shoes from the men’s wardrobe, they look quite impressive and feminine, making the image more playful and bold.
You can always find trendy models of high boots with laces and not only in our online store this shop, as well as in SOHO and Clarks retail stores!