The umbrella is one of the oldest inventions of mankind. It is believed that this design was invented in ancient China or Egypt. Much later, umbrellas appeared in Ancient Greece and Rome. But in those distant times, the main purpose of an umbrella was protection from the sun. Even in the Middle Ages, an umbrella only protected the ladies from the sun’s rays. It became customary to hide from the rain under an umbrella only in the 17th century; until then, the townspeople sheltered from the weather with the help of wide-brimmed hats and raincoats.

In the Middle Ages, the umbrella was a bulky and heavy structure. Inventors are constantly working to improve its characteristics. However, the first folding umbrella appeared only in 1715 in Paris. A telescopic umbrella was created in Germany in 1920.

The inventor of the first folding umbrella was the engineer Hans Haupt. Having been injured in the war, he could not move without the help of a cane, at the same time, it was difficult for him to carry a cane and an umbrella at the same time. Then Haupt decided to design a compact folding umbrella. Since the umbrella fit in his pocket, he gave him the nickname «kid», which in German sounds like «Knirps».

Bremshey & Co saw the potential in Hans Haupt’s invention and made a test batch of folding umbrellas, thus the Knirps brand was born in 1928. In 1965, Knirps produced the first automatic umbrella. Since then, the Austrian company «Knirps License Corporation GmbH & Co KG» has not stood still, constantly improving the mechanisms and designs of its umbrellas, patenting its inventions and winning international exhibitions.

Today, Knirps umbrellas are developed in Germany, which is a guarantee of quality, reliability and innovation. With in-house engineering, research and development capabilities, Knirps is always striving to make its products even better.

Knirps umbrellas differ from each other, as each model is designed in a special way. All products undergo rigorous wind tunnel and anti-corrosion testing. High-quality aluminum and nylon inserts increase product life and protect against corrosion.

For the comfort of customers, the umbrella canopy is made of ultra-thin, lightweight and quick-drying fabric. Round needle tips are created in a certain size and shape so as not to hurt the eyes. And the telescopic 10-point handle is designed to avoid twisting. Most models are equipped with convenient zippered cases or compact cases.


Knirps umbrellas are built to last, as the fiberglass poles stand up to canopy wind tests and special springs in the poles protect the structure from twisting in strong winds.

Twice a year Knirps releases a new collection of umbrellas. In addition to popular basic colors, models are made from fabrics of actual seasonal colors using trendy prints.

Attention to detail and quality control are the main principles of Knirps, so the umbrellas of this brand will last a long time. The weather will always be comfortable outside if you have a Knirps umbrella in your hands!

You can buy automatic, semi-automatic and mechanical Knirps umbrellas from us.