How to choose the right home orthopedic shoes

Shoes with orthopedic properties are the key to the proper development and health of the legs, joints, and spine, as only such shoes can reduce the impact load and protect the musculoskeletal system from excessive impact pressure while walking.

It is a mistake to think that shoes with orthopedic properties are necessary only for going outside. You can answer the question why you need home orthopedic shoes very simply — so that the foot is in a comfortable position not only on the street, but also at home.

In order to understand why you need and what are the benefits of home orthopedic shoes, this article provides answers to the following questions:

1. Properties of home orthopedic shoes.

2. Selection of home shoes.

3. Where to buy.

Properties of home orthopedic shoes

Any quality footwear, including for home use, has orthopedic properties, thanks to which it ensures comfort and health of the foot, joints and spine:

  • An insole with an instep located on the inner side, which prevents the foot from rolling inward. In some models, this insole can be made of two layers of leather, between which there is a special gel. This insole molds to the shape of the foot, providing the user with comfort and cushioning when walking, running and jumping. The insole acts as a shock absorber, it maintains the correct position of the arch of the foot, preventing it from flattening, lying flat on the floor;

  • The edges of the sole can be edging, which prevents slipping and possible injuries in the event of a fall;

  • The sole is made of special elastic materials, for example, thermoelastoplast (TEP). Such a sole is quite elastic, but at the same time it keeps its shape well, preventing excess pressure when walking and running. If the sole is too thin and flexible or, on the contrary, very rigid, then it will not absorb, taking on part of the shock load;

  • Shoes should be made only of natural, breathable materials. This will prevent excess moisture inside the shoes and the formation of blisters;

  • The toe of the shoe should be wide and voluminous to protect the fingers from rubbing and crawling on each other. Such models prevent the formation of calluses and corns;

  • Some models can be equipped with additional fasteners that allow you to adjust the width of the sock according to the width of the foot

Women's anatomical slippers 277/2 Mubb Choice of home shoes

How to choose home orthopedic slippers can be advised by an orthopedist. If it is not possible to visit a specialist, then the choice should be guided by the following criteria:

  • Shoe size. Despite the fact that these are shoes for the home, an incorrectly selected size can cause discomfort and deformation of the foot;
  • Model, the choice of which should be based on the taste of the user and the characteristics of the foot. If it will be flip-flops or clogs, then a model with an insole with a side will be the best choice. You should not buy models with high heels, as any heel shifts the correct point of support to the front part of the foot. Most of the fair sex can’t refuse high-heeled shoes, but at home you need to wear the right shoes with orthopedic properties.

Where to buy

Orthopedic shoes should be bought in specialized stores, where only certified shoes with guaranteed anatomical properties are sold. Specialists of the online store will tell the consumer how to choose orthopedic shoes for the home, taking into account taste preferences and size. Using the «correct» home shoes, a person will feel comfortable and may not worry about the health of the foot, joints and spine.