How to choose sneakers for the office

Sneakers have been firmly at the peak of popularity for several seasons now. Even though the office dress code is becoming more relaxed, sneakers are not suitable for every company. If the management of the enterprise considers a «business» dress code mandatory, then employees will prefer pumps, loafers or derbies. In such companies, sneakers can only be an exception to the general rule on Fridays if there is a “casual day” format in the office. At the same time, there are a number of industries, for example, banking, law and business consulting, where it is not customary to wear sneakers in principle.

If the company does not regulate the style of clothing too strictly, this does not mean that you can wear any sneakers to the office. It is very difficult to combine business or smart casual clothing with running shoes or active training models. Also, when creating an office look, aerodynamic models or sneakers with a complex sole design should be avoided. Taboo models include options with a high top to the ankle. Sneakers in bright colors or with contrasting patterns, as well as with decorative mesh, rhinestones or a thematic pattern, are not at all suitable for creating a business wardrobe.

If there are so many prohibitions, then the question rightly arises: are there exceptions to the rules? Sneakers of classic design, in soothing colors, can organically complement an office suit. The best will look «flat» sneakers, made in a minimalist design using genuine leather or suede.

For women, we recommend using sneakers in muted colors, such as beige, blue, black. White sneakers are traditionally the easiest to pair, as they pair easily with almost any style of outfit. But soft pastels, bleached silver and matte gold are also acceptable color options for women’s sneakers during work hours.

It is up to you to decide which sneakers to choose for the office, but it is better to wear them on those days when there are no important meetings with partners or project presentations. An exception may be those companies whose business is directly related to the sports industry or the production of sports equipment. In such cases, the office dress code is just sneakers!