Over the last few years, the fashion for coats has undergone significant changes. Oversized lines have replaced the figure-emphasizing lines. Among the drawings, the dominating position was occupied by cells of various sizes and degrees of contrast. Therefore, it is not surprising that completely different shoes will be required for your new coat.

To create a harmonious combination of shoes and coats, several important criteria must be taken into account: model, stylistic decision, coat length, color combinations and the material from which clothes and shoes are made. Consider the general rules for each of the criteria:

The height of the top of the shoe is selected taking into account the length of the coat. The longer the coat, the lower the tops you can choose shoes. For example, for a midi-length coat, stylists recommend ankle boots or boots, and for early autumn, closed shoes or sneakers. This rule is due to the fact that a large distance between the bottom line of the coat and the edge of the bootleg will make the legs visually shorter.

To achieve a «wow» effect, the style of shoes and coats must be combined. For coats with a sporty style or with a lot of overhead details, sneakers or boots with embossed soles are well suited. And, on the contrary, for a classic semi-adjacent silhouette, mid-length zip boots will be the best companion.

Recommendations for color combinations are more varied and rather depend on taste preferences. But there are a few tricks that will allow you to highlight your shoes in the overall image:

— coats of saturated color are best combined with shoes of dark, traditional colors for autumn, and, on the contrary, bright-colored shoes will look better against the background of coats of muted colors without stripes or patterns.

— you should not combine a coat in a cage or made from a combination of several fabrics with shoes consisting of parts of different textures.

— for coats in neutral colors like beige, it is better to choose shoes that are close in color, such as brown, rather than black. such combinations look more elegant.

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