How to choose a bag for autumn?

A bag is the accessory that no woman leaves the house without. The bag is trusted to carry the most important things — from a purse to a laptop. In addition, the bag is a fashionable accent that can complete a carefully thought-out look.

To make the right choice of bag, you need to honestly answer yourself a few questions. First you need to decide on the functionality of the new accessory: will it be a bag “for every day” or only for special occasions. For parties or events, we recommend getting a clutch bag that holds only the essentials. The most rational investment is clutches in classic colors on a chain or with a detachable strap. If you are thinking about an everyday bag, then you need to determine how you will move around the city. A backpack is very convenient for public transport, and if you are a car enthusiast, you can even afford a bulky bag with a light clasp in the form of buttons or a magnet. Among bulky bags, the most popular model is the tote. These bags have an open top, a roomy body and two handles.

The next question is how long do you plan to keep your bag with you? If following the hottest fashion trends is of fundamental importance to you, then you can purchase a model with a fashionable seasonal print, for example, with the image of cartoon characters or a portrait of a celebrity. But keep in mind that next year you will have to part with this bag so as not to be in the ranks of those lagging behind fashion. Therefore, if the budget involves the purchase of only one bag per season, it is better to purchase a model that, in color and texture, will be in harmony with your new shoes and outerwear.

And the final question — in what weather will you «walk» your bag? The weather factor affects the choice of material from which bags are made. Not all bags made from eco-leather can withstand the harsh Russian climate. For frosty days, bags made of genuine leather will be the best companion. Also in the cold, you can flaunt a fur handbag, but it is better to leave it at home if it is raining outside.

So, when we have decided on the functionality, size and material, we move on to the fashion trends for the fall-winter 2020-21 season. As in the previous year, the “tote” and “sack bag” models are relevant. A bag with an abundance of folds fixed along the upper part of the body has become a new silhouette. Trapeze bags and a circle bag were added to the models of bags with clear geometric shapes. But bags, which are fixed at the waist, have overshadowed the bags-cases for phones. Among the most fashionable ways to decorate bags today are metal rivets, spikes, as well as massive ornate buckles.

Now that you’re fully prepared to choose your new bag, check out our online and Soho store offerings for classic and edgy styles.