How to care for suede shoes

Suede shoes are mistakenly considered impractical. With proper care, it can serve you for a long time and remain beautiful and well-groomed for many seasons in a row.

Let’s start with how shoes are made from natural suede. Suede shoes are made from different types of genuine leather of sheep, bulls, goats and other animals. For example, desert boots of the famous English brand Clarks are made from the skin of bulls. This leather is considered expensive and of very high quality, because it is distinguished by its elasticity and wear resistance.

Suede is made using a special technology: first, the top layer is removed from the skin, and then the skin is treated with a special solution, thanks to which it becomes waterproof and soft. Thus, suede shoes are waterproof and elastic, and when worn, they eventually take the shape of the shoe wearer’s foot.

Here are some tips for caring for suede shoes:

  • Before going outside for the first time, be sure to treat the shoes several times with a special spray that will protect the shoes from the effects of negative factors – dust and moisture.
  • After each wear, clean the suede with a dry brush, if the weather is dry outside – this will be enough.
  • If the shoes get wet, then before cleaning them, you must first dry them well. You need to do this at room temperature, in no case on the battery, otherwise your suede boots will lose their shape. It is better to put crumpled paper inside, which will help absorb moisture faster. When the shoes are dry, use a special brush for suede, and if it is not at hand, then a regular eraser will do.
  • Suede shoes should be stored away from sunlight as from it the shoes fade and lose their color.
  • If there are salt stains on the suede from reagents on the street, then they can be easily removed with glycerin.
  • You need to store shoes in a box, after stuffing the insides with paper. So your shoes will retain their shape and excellent appearance for a long time.

Take good care of your shoes and they will give you years of enjoyment.