Which robes are best

Today we will talk about what excites many when choosing home clothes — and what are the best robes. Agree, the concept of «better» is very subjective and, as they say, «there are no comrades for the taste and color.» Therefore, just giving your opinion on the topic “what is better” will be of little interest to anyone. We will try to approach the concept of «the best bathrobe» from the other side.

We will also not write banal advice on how to choose the right bathrobe. We will rely on such an indisputable thing as statistics. Demand statistics for bathrobes, which we have collected over the past year. Our figures and conclusions will be built not only on the basis of bathrobe sales statistics, but also on the basis of demand statistics, i.e. we will take into account even those bathrobes that were asked, but for some reason they did not buy (there is no bathrobe available, there is no suitable size, there is no right color, etc.). We think the language of numbers showing average demand indicators will be more objective than someone’s personal opinion. And if this language of numbers is presented in such an understandable and presentable format as infographics, it is doubly interesting!

infographic - bathrobes 2013

Children’s bathrobes are leading in popularity, accounting for 38% of sales. Almost equally between men and women, 32% and 30% respectively.

The most popular producing countries steel: bathrobes Turkey (52%) and Ukraine (26%). Let’s rejoice for our country! Next come Poland (10%), Syria (7%) and China (5%).

By seasonality in the first place, of course, winter warm bathrobes, sales of which occupied 46% in a year. Demi-season models were popular with 37% of buyers, but summer dressing gowns have only 17% in the structure of demand.

Now about the parameters of popular models.

infographic - bathrobes 2013

The most popular material, as you might have guessed, the natural material of bathrobes is cotton. It is chosen by 62% of buyers. It is followed by microfiber (29%) and bamboo (9%). Such a high-quality, pleasant and very comfortable bamboo material took only 9% of sales, most likely due to the small assortment (some manufacturers do not produce bathrobes from this material at all) and high prices (bamboo fiber models are usually the most expensive and buy a bathrobe you won’t get it cheap).

In 67% of cases, buyers chose models without a hood. This is explained by the fact that most often they want to buy home dressing gowns without a hood. Even many bath models also do not have a hood.

The most popular in length were models of medium length (41%) and long robes (35%). Short robes were chosen only in 24% of cases.

And of course the best color schemes for bathrobes. The most popular colors are red bathrobes (orange, pink, peach) — 35% and blue (light blue) — 27%. They are followed by all the rest, with almost the same demand: green, burgundy and yellow. Other colors and shades account for only 7% of models.

As you can see, sales statistics give an approximate «picture of the world» and show the answer to the question «the best bathrobe» in terms of numbers. Of course, the best dressing gown for everyone is their own. Moreover, a bathrobe, like any other clothing, is selected based on personal preferences in appearance. Moreover, the representativeness of the sample is very small, since it is limited only by our store (Minutes of Comfort — 60m.com.ua) and in a limited period of time. The assortment presented in our store also had an impact. The limited assortment, of course, also influenced the choice (although we are not ashamed to note that the assortment of homemade and terry dressing gowns in the 60m store is one of the largest on the Ukrainian market).

And yet, we hope that our sales statistics will seem interesting to all those who find it difficult to make a choice, and especially to all those who choose a dressing gown for a gift and do not want to make a mistake.

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