We celebrate the year of the Horse in a new coat

The Blue Wooden Horse is a deep aesthetic!

She loves people with good taste and positive thinking! If you are just such a person, then you are on the way not only with the ruler of the coming year, the horse, but also with our store! After all, the employees of Minutes of Comfort are really ready to do everything so that on New Year’s Eve you can take a break from worries and troubles and build bright plans for the future, lying under the Christmas tree in a warm outfit saturated with symbols!

welcome the year of the horse

So what kind of New Year’s home outfit will Her Majesty the Horse like? Let’s work on this issue together!


The Blue Horse will naturally be glad to see his beloved blue on you. And — in any tint plane — from the light, slightly blue color of the spring stream, to the dark purple tone of the deep starry sky of the mysterious New Year’s Eve (which is so clearly visible from under the Christmas tree)!

blue women's bathrobes

blue mens bathrobes

In addition to blue, green impresses the New Year’s talisman.

Saturated grassy-malachite or emerald, rich shades — it’s up to you. The main thing is that the color is juicy and suits you. Indeed, it is thanks to the harmony of the internal state with the external image that it will be possible to prove to the Horse the integrity of his nature. Well, the reward will be the favor of an ardent symbol for you all year! And behind it, after all, is sincere love without falsehood, luck, carrying into the distance, like the wind, sophistication and secular brilliance.

green women's robes

However, the Horse is very democratic by nature. Therefore, if blue or green categorically does not suit you, she invites you to try on a combination of her natural, “domestic” (and not Chinese) warm colors on New Year’s Eve: gray, white, brown and black.

fashion robes 2014

Topa: By the way, the Horse has one little color secret. Experts say that the combination of several colors natural for the symbol in one thing, worn on the eve of the year, will certainly bring financial well-being and good luck in business to its owner. I think it’s worth checking out! Moreover, we have a couple of such exclusive items just for you!


The element of the Horse is fire. And this means that the New Year’s outfit (especially if it is a comfortable dressing gown) executed in soft, turquoise, pleasing to the Horse, will by no means spoil the bright, contrasting, energetic, lively, mobile flame of crimson lace trim filled with inner experience. The symbol of the coming year is the master of outrageousness! Therefore, if you drink cold champagne in an embrace with your loved one by the Christmas tree in such a dressing gown, and at the same time — hide your eyes in the sparks of a nearby fireplace — you will immediately, without fail, find yourself among the favorites of the Horse for the whole New Year!

fashion robes 2014

Flattering Horses and deep, like a wise sea, covered with foamy waves, a turquoise robe with very feminine ruffles. It will emphasize the creative burning of your soul and at the same time your suddenness, brightness mixed with deep thoughtfulness and fatal reliability.

In addition, the painting of the fabric of the dressing gown, as a bright accent, or a delicate, satin insert (as a symbol of a very rich imagination) will certainly stand out in the eyes of the Horse (known for its eccentricity).

fashion robes 2014

As we have already mentioned, refinement and gloss characterize horses. And this means that the talisman will be pleased with your attention, expressed in silk, satin, lace and shiny bamboo, emphasized by the sophistication of gold and silver embroidery.

satin women's robe


The horse is a perfect being, but, despite this, it is very modest, faithful, constant. It follows from this that the best version of the model of the New Year’s bathrobe than the traditional, classic one cannot simply be found!

Sculptural silhouettes decorated with flying elements of tailoring — this is the choice of New Year’s home night!


And one more important addition, so to speak, to give the image of a homely cozy magical New Year’s Eve, perfection. The cosmic element of the Year of the Horse is a tree. And this means that if you have, say, wooden buttons or trim on your robe, good luck for next year will become your middle name! Although, even if there is no such accessories on the “New Year’s home dress”, you can always complement the image with wooden beads or pendants.

Topa: But if you celebrate the New Year, the three of you (or do you generally have a large and friendly family with mom, dad, several sons and cute daughters)? We have an answer to this question too! It is necessary, after all, for everyone (by all means!) to correspond to the invented fabulous pajama theme of the New Year’s house party!

new year gift 2014

«Minutes of Comfort» prepared a small (even in the truest sense of the word!) surprise for the fabulous Horse — a children’s collection of bathrobes in the spirit of the Blue Horse!

baby bathrobes 2014

We wish you inspiration, we wish you a quiet, family New Year’s comfort and happiness from the fact that you have each other! Let the New Year put a fairy tale under the Christmas tree, and our dressing gown will not only warm you on New Year’s Eve, but also become a ticket to good luck, visible on the path of life, in the form of a Blue Wooden Horse!

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