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About pregnancy…

Only care can make the expectation of a miracle joyful. Care in everything, in attention, in satisfaction of desires and in convenience. But just care in convenience — in the area of ​​​​competence of the online store of bathrobes «Minutes of Comfort»! We will help you choose the right robe or set (robe and shirt), a robe for pregnant women and a robe for the hospital.

A few tips for those who are looking for a dressing gown for a pregnant woman.

Tip 1. Natural material.

dressing gown for pregnant women

Natural dressing gowns for pregnant women

Most pregnant women are very sensitive to tactile cues. Their skin is like an exposed nerve. Experts call this phenomenon the kinesthetic feature of a pregnant woman. Therefore, clothes (especially home clothes) for pregnant women should be as natural as possible! No synthetics! Bamboo, cotton, modal, or, in extreme cases, viscose — this is the right choice for a woman waiting for a miracle!

Council number 2. Loose fit and odor.

maternity kit

Maternity kits

When buying a care robe for your beloved future mother, say, in the first trimester of pregnancy, make sure that the model is comfortable and “fits” until the third. For example, purchase a set with a shirt flared from the chest. Let there be “free space” for the baby growing in the mother’s tummy. Such a dressing gown, in addition to being absolutely utilitarian, is also very cute!

maternity kit

Wrap maternity robes

Another practical tip that allows you not to make a mistake with the choice of size for a pregnant woman is a wrap dressing gown. The absence of zippers, buttons, hooks and other fasteners allows you to choose the most comfortable “way of tying a belt” for mom and baby for all 9 months.

Council number 3. Comfortable during and after pregnancy.

maternity kit

Some future mothers (and fathers too) like to buy things, counting on the longest possible mutual love with them. Naturally, I would like the service of a bathrobe (or a set of a shirt and a bathrobe) not to be limited to 9 months of waiting. For such practical parents, there is a great option — a set with a dressing gown and a shirt with a fastener in front, on the chest. Such a thing will be simply indispensable immediately after childbirth. After all, it is so convenient to feed the baby in it!

Psychology of pregnant women

How often have you heard scary tales about oranges at 3 a.m., pickles with cakes, or fatty meat drenched in melted chocolate? And about how pregnant women hurried to the ballet school or in every way intended to jump with a parachute and do yoga?

pregnant women and sports

And about how the notorious “nesting instinct” of women in a very interesting position manifests itself? Yes Yes! This is when all the jars, books, cups and socks in the house should be in their place, originally determined by the future mother. This is when you absolutely need to make repairs, change the curtains and never throw away things that have become obsolete for a long time. This is when you can not use chemical detergents, smoke (even on the street) and it is vital to change socks 5 times a day.

pregnant and crazy

Does it really sound like a nightmare? All this is a manifestation of different aspects of the “psychosis of pregnancy”, caused by the hormonal restructuring of the female body, preparing for the status of MOM. Moreover, each woman, in anticipation of a miracle, has her own individual traits and ways of this manifestation.

However, there are several ironclad, and always working rules for the survival of dads and other close relatives in the conditions of waiting for replenishment in the family. Rules that will help make the expectant mother happy, dad — calm and self-confident, and all grandparents — proud of the fact that they will soon acquire a new status.


Rule 1. You are the most beautiful, charming and charming!

This phrase should reach the expectant mother every time, as soon as she lingers for a moment at the mirror to take a look at herself (and her rapidly changing figure) with an evaluating look. In these words there should be a sea of ​​sincerity, real adoration and just a whole sun of radiant happiness from the fact that there will be three of you soon.

joy of pregnant women

TopaA: Another tip. So to speak, practical, in addition to emotional. Make your contribution to the beauty of the expectant mother — give her something that would make her feel just delightfully cute. For example, a dressing gown and a shirt made of natural cotton (only natural, because the expectant mother does not need allergies at all) with a cute naughty eared hare in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe tummy you love most. Such a thing will certainly cheer up a pregnant woman in the morning, and you can claim with dignity for several hours (even days, if you’re lucky!) Of blissful peace and family idyll.

Rule 2. As many positive emotions as possible.

Subconsciously, the expectant mother is terribly afraid of the future. Especially if she is going to become a mother for the first time. The difficulties of childbirth, sleepless nights and other terrible stories of «experienced» girlfriends turn into uncomfortable, disturbing dreams and a bad mood. To save your beloved woman from this fear, come up with a lot of very important and necessary things for her that carry a huge positive charge. Yes, and try to participate in them! For example, every Sunday go together to the premiere at the puppet theater, and then to the biggest sale of things for newborns. And then — hurry to go to a good cafe and eat the biggest ice cream or the most high-calorie dessert!

snacks for pregnant women

Spin her in your arms, take seriously the problems of some serial Juanita, over whose fate your dearest woman in the world has been crying for 6 seasons, and make her smile, absolutely unexpectedly presenting the most amazing and unsurpassedly cute gifts.

Topa: Most recently, one future dad bought such an absolutely inimitable set in our store as a gift for his beloved. Shining with kindness, openness, love and spontaneity of childhood, the cubs now live in their house as a magic wand, with the help of which all the whims and sharp corners of misunderstanding of the nine-month wait are smoothed out. Take note!

Rule 3. Less irritants — more care!

An aggravation of smell, a distortion of taste, intolerance to loud music and some people who used to be very close — all this doctors call the hormonal crisis of pregnancy. Without resorting to boring medical terminology, let’s draw a human conclusion: a pregnant woman needs help and care at a prosaic, everyday level. Does the smell of fried onions annoy her? Go together for a healthy, proper diet that does not require too much culinary effort from you.

You can prepare breakfast with oatmeal, yogurt and chamomile tea 15 minutes before work, and the expectant mother will be proud to tell all day what a great husband she has! Doesn’t she like the energy of your work colleague? This is quite normal, because a pregnant woman feels «good», «evil» and «danger» at the level of instincts! Therefore — just invite the «allergen» (if possible) as rarely as possible to visit you! Caring is a simple and completely real concept, which is measured by small real and quite tangible actions that are done with full understanding! An evening massage for tired legs, a cozy terry bathrobe warmed especially for her after a bath — these are the rays of the sun that make up the concepts of “happy pregnancy” and “care for mom and baby”.

Topa: As you can see, with the help of increased attention and cute gifts (such as a bathrobe), you can decorate the waiting time for the baby, both for the mother and for the people around her. True, with the choice of the miracle itself — a dressing gown, you can’t make a mistake either.


Topa: That, perhaps, is all that I wanted to tell you about the right bathrobe for two and the secrets of a harmonious expectation of the appearance of a baby in the house! Listen to them and your life for the next 9 months will turn from a disturbing nightmare into the most joyful and happy period of your life!

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