Choosing a dressing gown for curvy women

Along with tips for choosing bathrobes for slim girls, today we publish tips for choosing a bathrobe for women with curvaceous shapes.

My complexes

From the age of 14, I often looked at myself in the mirror and terribly complexed about the strong dissonance between the hip and waist. I tried in every possible way to hide this shortcoming, pulling on shapeless sweaters and long skirts. I tortured myself with crazy diets, hoping to consolidate the cherished formula 90-60-90. And then — I read in one of the glossies (the first at that time in our post-Soviet country!) An interesting article … In it they talked about self-esteem and self-esteem. Epilogue: «If you want others to love you, love yourself first!» Such as it is! And I really liked this idea!

And then there were vivid examples of luxurious women who did not even try to hide their figure behind bulky rags, but, on the contrary, were proud of the splendor of their forms.

Anfisa Chekhova's dressing gown

Anfisa Chekhova, Christina Hendricks and other famous women in their time also once accepted their natural essence. Moreover, figure flaws were turned into stunning virtues, making them unique, special, absolutely amazing, sexy! And — happy!

plus size dressing gown

My home clothes

Thanks to their example, I completely changed my wardrobe. Outerwear changed the attitude of colleagues and acquaintances whom they saw outside the home. But home clothes remained a huge issue on my path to absolute self-love! At that time I had a bathrobe. Such a creepy, brindle «color». And green pajamas, I remember, with a pink elephant. Three sizes up. “To be comfortable!” Mom assured, buying this miracle. I reassured myself, no one sees at home, it will do.

bathrobe is 3 sizes bigger

After marriage

But when I got married, the issue of proper home clothes became even more acute. “No robes!”, — shouted friends, frightening with horrors that women who wear boring robes at home are most often cheated on by men. Yes, I myself, with a bitter laugh, constantly turned a “bearded” anecdote in my head about how the husband, after the wedding night, saw his wife without makeup. And died. From fear. And … decided to act! Everyone had to do something about it! And — as soon as possible! All day long I ran around the shops, tried on a pile of various home clothes, I was tired to the point of madness, BUT! She brought out for herself the formula of ideal home clothes for girls who are not deprived of a figure and with magnificent forms! By the way, as it turned out, you can and should wear a bathrobe at home! True, you need to know what! I share a secret! I share so that there are more happy, beloved and calm women on earth! So, I’ll start with what you can’t (fundamentally) wear at home for full girls.


too short coat

Wear too short robes. There is a beauty formula that has been proven by life: a bathrobe should be a palm-width longer than the fullest part of the hips. Use it when choosing a friend for your wardrobe, and do not let the enemy in him, who will spoil you!

bathrobe without waist

Wear robes with no waist. Baggy things are deceiving. They look very cute on girls with a perfect figure, not burdened with extra centimeters and too feminine bulges. On donuts, such things look extremely funny and ridiculous, giving them a miserable and stupid look.

shiny satin robe

Satin and silk are contraindicated! Lush girls should not wear shiny fabrics and embossed patterns. They need to avoid contrasting transitions. Satin and silk are too frank for ladies with forms, because they raise their secret, which they tried so vainly to hide, to the mountain!

robe with horizontal stripes

A large horizontal strip is not your forte! To add centimeters and kilograms, to turn a figure into your nightmare, realized in reality, can be a dressing gown with a wide horizontal strip. Seeing such a thing in the store do not even carry it to the fitting room!

robe with patch pockets

Wear robes with patch pockets. Patch pockets visually add several kilograms to the hips, make the figure overweight, heavy. Therefore, your choice is internal, hidden pockets, or patch pockets to match the dressing gown.

tiger robe

White, brindle and large print — taboo! Absolute white makes the girl look like a fluffy cloud that hovers around the house and does not arouse any interest. You will have to forget about the brindle, because the magnificent figure does not like too frequent patterns, lurid fabrics. Leave them to slender girls and choose something brighter and juicier for yourself! After all, you are a ripe cherry in the garden, why spoil yourself with an unsuccessful “coloring”?


robe with zipper

Buy dressing gowns with side slits. But an even silhouette, a slightly loose cut (achieved due to small side slits along the seam) and an almost imperceptible lock-lock in front is a good option for slightly overweight ladies. Be sure to purchase such a thing if you often receive guests at home! Get a lot of flattering compliments in your address!

dressing gown with neckline

Buy bathrobes with a V-neck. Luxurious neckline is one of the advantageous advantages of your figure! And it can be beautifully emphasized by the correct neckline of the dressing gown. Let the seductive bulge gracefully looks out into the casually ajar collar of the dressing gown!

bathrobe with 3/4 sleeves

Wear robes with three-quarter sleeves. Curvy women have one annoying distinguishing feature — massive shoulders and full arms. You can hide this flaw in the figure with a dressing gown with three-quarter sleeves. Let your husband and everyone around you admire your graceful, thin wrists!


dressing gown with pronounced belt

Wear robes with a well-defined waist and a contrasting belt. Do you have wide hips, but an absolutely thin waist? Accentuate it with a bright belt! Let your dignity make men (and your husband in the first place!) Smile meaningfully, and women envy with deep envy!

vertical striped robe

Print — narrow diamonds or a thin vertical strip. A thin vertical contrasting stripe will make you look a few centimeters taller! And this is absolutely necessary when it comes to a dressing gown! After all, slippers with heels, alas, have not yet been invented!

flared hem robe

The bottom of the robe is slightly flared. You can also hide luxurious hips under a slightly flared hem of a bathrobe. The fitted top and loose bottom will make you look very mysterious and feminine! In addition, in such a thing you will feel comfortable and free at home!

robe in dark colors

Dark colors are a sign of harmony! Traditionally — black, gray, brown, dark blue and cherry — the colors of the dressing gowns, betraying the figure of a chubby girl of harmony. Choose things in such colors and be calm! Your faithful friend will keep your little secret!

plain bathrobe

Plain fabric with trim is the perfect choice! At the same time, we must not forget that absolutely monochrome things spoil a magnificent figure, making it overweight. But dressing gowns “collected” from several tones of the same color are the perfect choice for full young ladies!

short puff sleeve robe

Short and puffy sleeves — the ideal of femininity! And further. If a three-quarter sleeve emphasizes the beauty of thin wrists, then a short sleeve with a decorative puffy frill will make the handle appetizing, delicate, soft!

Well, actually, and all the «careless» secrets! Use it, to your health! And come in posh shop «Minutes of comfort» for your unique finds that perfectly match your extraordinary and so juicy figure! And… love yourself! After all, you are beautiful!

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